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Anthurium angamarcanum 1

Anthurium angamarcanum 1

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Evaluación media: 3,8
Possibly a finicky species
Plant arrived looking gorgeous, but it may not be a species that ships well. After a couple of weeks, the leaves shriveled up and everything died back to a stump. For a more detailed review of the plants I purchased and the buying process, feel free to check out my blog post at https://www.botanicalchick.com/rare-plant-haul-ecuagenera-review/. For tips on acclimating your plants, check out https://www.botanicalchick.com/how-to-acclimate-rare-plants-after-shipping/.
Beautiful leaves
Rooted a bit slower than all my other anthuriums but it's a gorgeous plant and it arrived with three big, beautiful leaves.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
Beautiful but apparantly does not ship well
Plant arrived with a lot of shipping stress (no leaves left) and did not recovery from it and eventually died.
Plant arrived in good condition.
Import roots were healthy.
Specimen I received came with 2 leaves.
Adaxials of the leaf are beautiful and velvety and have a finish very similar to a metallicum.
Would totally recommend adding this plant to your collection.
Such a great anthurium. Acclimated quickly, and arrived with VERY healthy roots. It's only been a few weeks, and I already have a new leaf. Very happy about this one.
Good shape (to EU)
Both leaves and roots are pretty good, happy about this purchase.
Super Nice
Super beautifull anthurium with healthy root system.
Healthy large seedling
Arrived as a healthy large seedling.
4 large leaves with a lot of healthy roots.
It is settling in quite well.
I am quite happy with it.
Juvenile plant
I received a young plant that don't have stable roots,it was stressed during the shipment,it eventually died after a week.
Wonderfull plant but too stressed
plant is really nice but arrived in bad condition (1 leaf) from travel, probably doesn t like shipping, philodendron sharoniae that was in same shipping was instead in perfect condition
Very small plant
Plant is very beautiful, however it is a seedling with very small roots ( about an inch ) . It is not a plant which is ready to be sold for $60.
The most disappointing purchase from this lovely company. Thankfully there are new European shops are popping out.
Nice, healthy plant
Mine traversed half the globe, but it is looking fine and will certainly recover well from shipping. I really like it.
A pretty seedling
A seedling arrived without a heat pack. Lost leaves due to cold damage after spending few hours in destination country before delivery (temperature was around 0-2°C on that day). Traveled well besides to cold damage.
Small plant
Received a seedling plant with damaged leaves and not in good condition. If it is a small plant it should be stated.
Beautiful plant. Arrived in perfect condition, but as the temperatures were a bit lower it started showing some shipping stress (drying leaf patches) in the next days. A month later it has recovered well and is pushing out a new leaf.