Philodendron gribianum 'San Rafael'

Philodendron gribianum 'San Rafael'


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Beautiful plant, not a crawler (06/07/2022)
I asked in advance if this was a crawling philodendron. They said it was but it isn't, it's a climbing variety.
The plant itself it beautiful, seems to ship okay and is a decent size.
Beyond Expectations (26/12/2021)
My plant came with 5 good leaves and a solid root system. It is a very lovely heart shaped plant in real life. The emerging leaf that came is now unfurling. After three weeks, the plant is acclimating well, and just one leaf is browning at this point. The leaves are a more yellowy green, quite thick and overall because the leaves are rather round, it gives off a very happy vibe. It is my new favourite plant!

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