Anthurium cirinoi Velvet

Anthurium cirinoi Velvet

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Beautiful Big Leaves As pictured (Did have to rehab this one) (10/11/2022)
This anthurium is 1 of 10+ plants I ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This Anthurium arrived with 2 big, beautiful leaves but it was the only anthurium out of my order that had yellowing starting, root system was small and not in the best health. Fast forward and it has lost both leaves and I am in rehab mode with it. It is viable and rooting and I expect it to make a full recovery so still happy with my purchase since I am used to importing and rehabbing it doesn't bother me that bad and it was the only one to throw a fit out of every anthurium I have ever got from Ecuagenera so not a big deal especially since it is doing just fine and will grow new leaves soon (could have been just my plant with suicidal tendencies haha) but might be cautious if you are not familiar with how to rehab a plant just in case it isn't just mine that behaves like this
Awesome plant! (29/09/2022)
Beautiful plant, endured the journey very well. The plant came very large, there was mild mechanical damage on the oldest leaf.
Satisfying (05/08/2022)
Gorgeous plant! Dark green and heavy leaves
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