Evaluaciones de clientes para Anthurium queremalense (seedling)

Anthurium queremalense (seedling)

Anthurium queremalense (seedlings)


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Número de evaluaciones: 12
Evaluación media: 4,7
Healthy and pretty big for a seedling
Came with 6 leaves and the biggest was 6 inches too to bottom. Lost two leaves few days after but started giving me a new leaf two weeks after being shipped
The seedling has arrived safely at Indonesia. The size is larger than expectation with four leaves and healthy roots
Not so Good
This plant arrived with a beautiful new leaf that was unfortunately bent and broken. Also with fungal spots on a few of other leaves. The root system was okay, some rotted but enough good roots for the plant to survive.
So far he s doping good
I got this plant 2 weeks ago and he s doing really good, healthy roots, bigger then expected and no yellowing leaves
A very good plant
I recieved a beautiful plant, larger than expected. The leaves had now yellowing or damage at all. As I checked the roots they were all healthy. I recommed this plant. It seems to ship very well.
Impressive little baby!
Arrived safely in Louisiana, USA in January in great condition! Happy, healthy, and large seedling. It hasn't produced anymore growth in the several weeks I have had it, but I'm sure it will transition nicely into my humid livingroom :)
Decent size for a seedling. Bit of root damage from packing.
The plant arrived with healthy, intact leaves. Unfortunately the moss packing job was a touch hasty and most of the roots were snapped fairly high up. Honestly, ordering in the winter I was prepared for some root rehab in a high humidity box, but this one was totally avoidable. Still gets 3 stars from me, as the plant itself is gorgeous and I'll have it on a new root system in time for spring.
I ordered this to have a 2nd queremalense, and see how it compares to the adult version which I have, also from Ecuagenera. Considering the price of the mature version, it is worth getting this instead, if one is patient to let it develop, as the size does not differ that much between both.
Received a perfectly happy plant
The seedling I received is an actually not too small juvenile plant, which I am happy about. Beautiful root system and minor leaf damage from shipping.
I am anticipating for it to acclimate in my home quickly as it started moving again towards the light source almost right after I unboxed it. Really beautiful specimen.
Very good and Healthy plant
Excellent condition! The plant is really heathy!
Small but healthy
Received a small but healthy seedling - the customer service was super friendly and helpfull!
Healthy plant
So excited for this. Received a healthy seedling with good roots. Already acclimated and potted up. Glad that Ecuagenera is now offering seedlings especially for these more expensive plants. Can't wait to see this beauty get big.