Anthurium warocqueanum (seedling)

Anthurium warocqueanum (seedling)


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Better than expected (23/09/2022)
Preordered and picked up today at an event. After reading some of the negative reviews, I wasn't expecting much. But the plant I received was great for the price. Long healthy roots and three 7 inch leaves. Just the right size for a starter plant. And the packaging was perfect. Will definitely order from them again.
Great condition (20/09/2022)
Purchest this plant for a steal price during a store discount. The plant arrived to Europe in great condition. Plant is tiny but this is expected for it beeing described as a seeding. While travelling all over the world, it did develop any problems like broken leafs or rootrot. Would recommend this plant.
5 stars (18/09/2022)
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