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Anthurium warocqueanum (seedling)

Anthurium warocqueanum (seedling)

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Better than expected
Preordered and picked up today at an event. After reading some of the negative reviews, I wasn't expecting much. But the plant I received was great for the price. Long healthy roots and three 7 inch leaves. Just the right size for a starter plant. And the packaging was perfect. Will definitely order from them again.
Great condition
Purchest this plant for a steal price during a store discount. The plant arrived to Europe in great condition. Plant is tiny but this is expected for it beeing described as a seeding. While travelling all over the world, it did develop any problems like broken leafs or rootrot. Would recommend this plant.
5 stars
5-8cm leaves
I would top up a little more and get the bigger warocs. Mine came with 4 leaves of 5-8cm each unlike the picture above. They were really tiny and you can imagine the time and effort needed to grow it into a medium plant. Considering the price difference, you'll be better off with a larger one which will have more roots and a bigger chonk too. My seedling hardly had any stem/chonk.
cheap but small
Picked two of these up as part of a pre-order at a local pop-up. Healthy and great roots but very small, largest leaf about 6 inches and there was only one - two of those per seedling. Honestly, I would order the next size up at least.
Shipped well and has not gone into shock
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It is the first queen "seedling" I buy from ecua. It Arrived in great condition about a week ago and has been in very high humidity setting until. I still don't feel comfortable taking it out of that setting to place with my other mature queen. Biggest leaf 19cm long.
Beautiful, healthy plant.
This is my second try with this plant. This time I have had better luck acclimating. I've had It about two weeks now, and it’s doing wonderfully. Had four healthy leaves with the longest being about six inches and the roots were in near-perfect condition, except for a few that broke in transit, which is pretty normal for anthurium. For the price, totally worth it.
Get the bigger ones
Considering the price difference, you're much better off getting the bigger ones. My seedling was no where close to the picture. There were 3 established leaves but the sizes but biggest was about 3-4 inches.
Very good
Second time I order. This time I ordered 5 seedlings. Some leaves com a little damaged wich is completely acceptable. Other than that they started pushing out the first new leaves just a month or so after arriving and are looking very very nice now. Very well adapted to Portuguese summer weather.
Considering how large all of the other specimens tend to be, I expected the seedling to be a little bigger. Came with 3 healthy leaves and good root system.
Very Good
Ordered this plant and it was already quite large for a seedling (5-7 leaves). Very healthy and beautiful leaves.
Wie immer bin sehr zufrieden die Pflanze ist in einem top Zustand bei mir in Deutschland angekommen nochmals vielen Dank
Ordered 2 but 1 has bad leaves
Ordered 2 but 1 has bad leaves
Mine died, but would still recommend
Arrived in beautiful condition. Had some broken roots (pretty normal) but leaves were all perfect and not even bent or scarred. Pretty good size for a seedling. Biggest leaf was maybe 6 inches or so. I knew these plants have a reputation of dying back to the stump during the acclimation process (and then regrowing, decently hardy after acclimated) but my stump looks pretty dead too. Roots look fine, so maybe it will turn out ok, but I ordered another just in case. That’s just the perils of shipping plants :)
Perfect in size and quality.
It has been a few months ago when I ordered my first queen anthurium from this website and I am impressed that they have improved their packaging style. I love that they added a brown paper to cover the plant for protection. The plant has arrived in perfect condition, and you couldn't tell that it was an import and came from
Ecuador to the US. The size of the seedling is bigger than I anticipated. Thank you also for the great customer service.
Happy customer from Sweden
I received the plant 2 weeks ago. No problems with root rot or yellowing leaves. You can not see that it been travelling half-way around the world. As with all new aroids I buy, I pot it in my aroid mix (very gently), and place it in my glass cabinet for a month or so (with some extra humidity). Good for the plants and to make sure no bugs get a new home ;-)
Una oportunidad perfecta de tener este increíble Anthurium
Llevaba mucho tiempo queriendo tener este anthurium. Me ha llegado en buen estado a pesar del viaje hasta España. Tiene algún defecto en las hojas, pero lo considero normal. Por ahora se está adaptando y ya tiene alguna que otra hoja en camino, así que solo me queda disfrutar de él y ver su evolución. Si quieres verlo puedes seguirme en mi cuenta de instagram: @loving.plnts
Schöne Jungpflanze mit geringen Blattschäden
Tolle Pflanze mit guten, gesunden Wurzelwerk erhalten. Es sind insgesamt 5 Blätter, welche teilweise leichte Schäden aufweisen.

Preis-Leistung ist TOP
I ordered 3 of these and all three came with a very healthy root system and 4-6 leaves. They are larger than I expected and they haven't lost any leaves while acclimating. On Day one I soaked the whole plant in a tub of water for a few hours, then I put the roots in a cup of superthrive water over night. Day two I potted them in a chunky aroid mix and they have been thriving ever since. They shipped all the way to California and we’re perfect when they arrived.
All broken leaves
Very disappointing. There are no picture to your actually plant receiving. I got mine with all leaves broken only left a seedling tiny leaf which might or might not make it .
Great plant
I received a healthy plant with 4 leaves and healthy roots . i recommend .