Anthurium warocqueanum (medium)

Anthurium warocqueanum (medium)

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Absolutely in shock - from UK (18/11/2022)
I was speechless opening this, the leaves are massive!! So long, velvety and soft. Its stunning, really healthy roots, came with two beautiful leaves. One was ripped a bit which I accidentally ripped more but I don't mind to much because I'm in love ♡
Shook at the size! (17/11/2022)
I was absolutely shook when I opened this from the amazing packaging. It was bigger than I expected! 4 leaves! One huge one, one slightly smaller than that, and then 2 smaller 6 inch leaves. Only one of the small leaves had some significant damage (hole just below the lobe, browning tip) the others have very little imperfections, just a tiny spot here and there which is normal. Significant root system. Amazing quality for being imported to Florida. Im absolutely obsessed!
Very nice plant, better than expected! (12/11/2022)
I just got this and I have waited a long time for it. The plant was packaged expertly and arrived without a blemish, the root system is well-developed. I am so pleased!
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