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Anthurium magnificum (seedling)

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Anthurium magnificum (seedlings)

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Número de evaluaciones: 16
Evaluación media: 4,8
Great seedlings
I'm happy with this, big for a seedling, had a ton of healthy thick roots and is doing well in my greenhouse
Very beautiful plant
It was Sent to Europe - no damage when it came. Į was surprised with the size and quality! Quickly acclimated and started to grow new leaves.
I ordered a seedling, this plant is a really nice size for a seedling. It has 6 healthy leaves with a tiny little baby plant, roots very thick and healthy as well. Received it 9-09-22 its acclimating in moss, perlite, and coco chips. Beautiful plant!
Perfect leaves
Although this is a seedling it came in at a great size and the leaves still looked great after shipping; another Anthurium I am keeping in a terrarium and it's growing in nicely, I have also already propagated it once.
Cute little plant
Great price for the plant. Wish there was a larger root system, but the leaf size was expected. Did not lose many leaves
Greetings from oregon!
What a great lil guy, came on healthy condition just leaves where l sorts of ways, but im sure he will get figured out as he gets used to his environment, no leaf loss. Packed well and safe. And seems to be getting right along
So healthy and strong little guy ! love it so much ! as usual, all perfect !
WOW, as told another person...
A seedling... a big seedling ! Very very good with a travel to the north east of France ;)
Thanks a lot
When I read seedling I assumed itd be a very small plant and to my delightful surprise it was way larger than expected. My magnificum arrived with 5 leaves and with theyre perfect packaging all leaves came perfect and intact. Very happy with this purchase.
Gorgeous plant
Huge for a seedling! I ordered 3 anthuriums and 1 philo during the Black Friday sale, all anthuriums arrived looking very good. The philo suffered some cold damage and lost her leaves but I think I will be able to grow her back. But this magnificum was stunning right out of the box and continues to do well in sphag in a tote under grow lights.
Very good!
So beautiful, the root system is heathy. It was a very nice size. Relatively big for seedling. Thank you!
Healthy Happy Plant
So beautiful, the root system is insane. 1 leaf showed some damage, but that was to be expected. It's been over a month in my ikea greenhouse and i've got a new leaf already.
So beautiful!
So big for a seedling, am super excited!
Super healthy and nice size!
Arrived in perfect shape, super healthy and was a very nice size. There were no issues with acclamation, never lost a leaf and has grown two new ones since irs arrival. Super happy!
Nice and healthy
Received in excellent condition. Relatively big for seedling and pushing new leaves. No problems with acclimation. Highly recommended.
Healthy plant ☺️
I received a healthy seedling with excellent roots. Only issue is that my magnificum did not have square petioles.i asked about that but didn't get an answer. The plant I received was really beautiful, regardless of its parentage.