Anthurium besseae aff

Anthurium besseae aff

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Marvelous plant (29/09/2022)
The plant came in perfect condition - roots healthy, leaves healthy, after only a week it started growing. Only the size of the seedling surprised me a little, because the size of the plant is quite small for a "normal" size - more like a small size. However, it is beautiful and is already growing, so overall I am very satisfied.
Shipped Well (19/04/2022)
This is definitely one of my favorite Anthurium varieties. The green with the red backsides & stems are absolutely gorgeous so when I took the plant out of the bag I was a bit dissatisfied that the only 2 big leaves were both damaged due to shipping. However its still a healthy specimen. Roots are beautifully white. I think Ecuagenera could do a little better job protecting the delicate leaves with Polyfil. I would definitely order another one though. You can check out my Ecuagenera specimens on my Instagram plant page @tiffmarieplants.
Beautiful plant (09/03/2022)
Plant itself is very beautiful and has a healthy rootsystem. The leafsize was a bit small for a "normal" sized besseae but after asking this mine was just a bit at te lower end of the range for this plant. Overall very happy ofcourse and i cant wait for it first new leaf!
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