Philodendrons all dying

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Shawn Bernard
12/06/2020 12:08

Philodendrons all dying

I bought several philodendrons from Ecugenera, and they are all doing very poorly. Are there repotting instructions that I didn't follow? The soil is moist but not wet. All the leaves are drooping horribly, and the leaf stalks are starting to get soft. They are all in filtered lighting in well draining soil. What can I do to save them?
Alexander Portilla
14/06/2020 00:47

RE: Philodendrons all dying

Hi, Thank you for your message, mostly of the Philodendrons when they just arrived they need to be potted, we recommend a mix of coconut peat with 20% perlite, after potting them you need to give it a lot of water, we recommend to leave it standing in 1 cm of water for a week. They need to be in 80% shade, at this stage they can not take to much light. Mostly of them they need to be in warm conditions, around 25 centigrades until they adapt to the new place. I hope this tips will help you.