Evaluaciones de clientes para Anthurium pallidiflorum (medium)

Anthurium pallidiflorum (medium)

Anthurium pallidiflorum estos son de tamaño mediano

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Favorite plant from ecuagenera
Bought this plant over a year ago and it's as healthy as ever. It's been through a couple nasty Los Angeles heatwaves and multiple plant sitters. I've found it to be resilient, happy with average home humidity and varying light conditions.
Good value, traveled well, healthy plant
I ordered online and picked up at Tacoma WA. I spent several hundred dollars and this was one of the best looking plants in my order. 8 weeks later, doing well. New growth. Day temps 75-85F and nights are 50-60F
Huge leaf!
The plant came in very good condition to the Netherlands. Healthy roots, 1 huge leaf and 3 small ones. The leaves are pointing to funky directions but they will hopefully find their way to the light. Good purchase!
Great Roots, Beautiful Leaves
This plant is literally perfect! If I didn't know to acclimate it, I would have put right in soil because the roots are so substantial. I added a plant to my order, a white stripe Anthurium forgettii and I wish I could review it or send a picture--never seen better roots!! Already ordered again!
very good traveller, came with so many massive leaves! the root system was good and healthy, I've put them in moss and now we wait.
Merci Ecuagenera pour cette belle plante. En effet, elle est de taille moyenne, elle voyage très bien, arrivée en parfait état et après une semaine une nouvelle feuille est en train de pousser. C'est l'été en Suisse, donc tout va bien. On verra l'hiver !