Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Velvety'

Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Velvety'

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Stunning plant! (29/09/2022)
The plant came in very good condition, on one of the two leaves there was a visible lesion resembling a light coating, but according to the advice I used an antifungal treatment and the lesion did not enlarge, and even slightly decreased. Unfortunately, the growth cone rotted, but already the plant has developed a new one and has taken up growth. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the purchase.
3 (18/07/2022)
Bought at a pop-up in Chicago. Leafs were beautiful but most of the roots were rotten which I couldn't see until I unwrapped it. Left with 3 good roots. Hopefully she will make it!
Good (10/07/2022)
Plant came with 3 decently size leaves. 2 out of the 3 leaves were yellow and brown and the third leaf was half brown. The roots look good and expect a good adjustment.
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