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Ceratostema rauhii

Ceratostema rauhii 

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so, so, so...
The leaves had fallen off there when I received it. It seems that air permeability is important for this variety, so it may be vulnerable to transportation.
It was supposed to be a Big size, but it was not as big as I expected.
Incredible Experience!
I was nervous about ordering a plant from another country as I know the longer the shipping time, the more stressed a plant becomes. I ordered a Ceratostema rauhii from Ecuagenera on 11/22, and less than a month later (12/15) it arrived in incredible condition! Its roots were expertly wrapped in sphagnum moss that was still damp when I opened it, and it didn't lose too many leaves considering how far it's traveled. I'm so excited to get to see this amazing plant in person - thank you so much to the Ecuagenera team that kept me updated every time it shipped and when to expect delivery!! :D
Received a beautiful specimen
received a beautiful specimen but I may have done an irreversible mistake of not hydrating it enough before planting. Nonetheless, if I fail I will try again next time. Received a healthy specimen.
will be beautiful if I am able to rehab it
Unfortunately this plant was shipped when the weather was way too hot. I guess ecuagenera was experiencing a backlog of orders and this was not shipped until the beginning of August (I ordered at the end of June). The temps were in the hi 90's low 100's in my area when it was shipped. The plant sent to me was very large, but a lot of the foliage was turning brown and since then (2 weeks later) I have lost about 75-80% of the foliage and probably 50% of the root system. Hopefully, it will recover. I think if it had shipped in cooler weather (not at the height of a heat wave) the plant would have arrived in much better condition.
Very nice sized plants, securely shipped
I ordered two of these...great quality as always from Ecuagenera. Upon unpacking, I put them in a moist coconut fiber/perlite/sphagnum mix...Unfortunately one of the plants seems not to be doing too well, so I took a bunch of cuttings (hoping that the cuttings root in sphagnum under lights). The other plant is doing ok, as I keep it wet. Despite the humidity of my New Jersey spring/summers, I do not think these plants do well in hot weather. It might be nice if Ecuagenera provides optimal culture conditions for some of these more finicky genera.
Beautiful plant - blooming for me!
I purchased this plant at one of the USA shows (pre-COVID). It is doing very well in my greenhouse and has bloomed for the past 2 years. No berries because I have no humming birds in the greenhouse. LOL! I have it hanging in a shady area that stays about 70 F during the day and does not go below 60F at night. Grows slowly, so I want to buy 2 more to make a large hanging basket.
Highly stressed by travel
Stressed by travel and lost 50% of its leaves during travel. Getting worse daily in my care and don't know if it'll recover. Good in size though.