Evaluaciones de clientes para Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis ´John Leathers`

Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis ´John Leathers`

Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis ´John Leathers`

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Número de evaluaciones: 8
Evaluación media: 4.8
Very good
Nice size plant with flowers although bruised from shipping very pleased
Great for the price and great quality
When I got it the plant had 7 flower spike but only one didn't turn yellow and it's a very vigorous grower it already has 4 new growths. I simply love it. It's also easy to care for.
In spike on arrival
Arrived in spike and has continued to grow the flowers. Healthy leaves and roots. Very happy with this one
Great job! Two spikes on it .
I really like this company.
2nd purchase
Continuous bloomer in Intermediate conditions. Grows large quickly (1-2yrs) Flowers have a lovely fragrance. Works best mounted or in wire basket with moss. Needs 2 watering /week.
Light fertilizing or the leaf tips brown easily. Just the plant alone looks pretty
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Fantastic tiny plant!
Received in very good condition. Large number of growths and two spikes! Looking forward to doing more business with Equagenera.
Small plant; has healthy roots and leaves.