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Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset


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Número de evaluaciones: 7
Evaluación media: 2.1
Expect a small side cutting and you won't be disappointed
The plant recieved looks to be a reasonable sized keiki removed from a larger mother plant. Not tiny, quite big for a vanda side cutting, and well rooted. But lots of bare stem while it maybe struggled for a bit after removal. I was disappointed as expected a larger plant, but if I'd been expecting a smaller plant it would be totally acceptable.
The packing was terrible and was not secured.
Due to bad packaging, the stem broke in half leaving only 1 root behind that's attached to the stem with leaves. Leaves are patchy and sun scorched. Will be a very slow recovery.
Arrived in very poor condition and all the leaves fell off.
poor condition
While all the other orchids in this shipment were in excellent condition, this was in poor shape. The leaves were not in good shape and only a couple of short viable roots. Disappointed with the condition of this plant, but I do think it will live.
Condition not great
There was some damage from shipping but that is acceptable, so I didn't consider that in my rating. The orchid has been in bad shape for a while, so I'm assuming that the available selection wasn't good to start with. About two-thirds (4 inches) of the stem was bare, black, dried up, and moldy. Half of the leaves were yellow and fell off. If this plant makes it, it's going to be a long recovery.
Product unlikely to survive. No viable roots, just wires and mush
Will attempt to revive the dead but was expecting a viable plant. This is likely a goner.
The leaves are healthy looking at least!
product was packed well and responded quickly after potting it up !!!