Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset

Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset

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Expect a small side cutting and you won't be disappointed (07/11/2020)
The plant recieved looks to be a reasonable sized keiki removed from a larger mother plant. Not tiny, quite big for a vanda side cutting, and well rooted. But lots of bare stem while it maybe struggled for a bit after removal. I was disappointed as expected a larger plant, but if I'd been expecting a smaller plant it would be totally acceptable.
The packing was terrible and was not secured. (01/11/2020)
Due to bad packaging, the stem broke in half leaving only 1 root behind that's attached to the stem with leaves. Leaves are patchy and sun scorched. Will be a very slow recovery.
Terrible (30/10/2020)
Arrived in very poor condition and all the leaves fell off.
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