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Beallara Marfich Howards Dream
Beallara Marfich Howards Dream


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Número de evaluaciones: 6
Evaluación media: 4.3
I very enjoying.
Large division. Small money.
very good
Large size plant with double leads, each with a new growth. Roots were sufficient to warrant a 3" square pot.
Two nice new growths and bigs nice speudo bulds. But roots not so good.
very good
the plant received is a good size, however, the psuedobulbs are a strange colour and are sort of spongy. half of the leaves were damaged. time will tell if it will improve or decline. the roots are also few and spongy.
I had no idea that I would receive such a large plant for this price. I've potted it up for a snug fit in a 6" pot. What good value! The plant is extremely healthy and I anticipate that it will adapt and grow quickly into its new pot.
Ecuagenera never fails to exceed expectations!