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Prosthechea sceptra
Prosthechea sceptra

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Número de evaluaciones: 5
Evaluación media: 4.6
Huge plant
Plant was very large and has a sprawling habit. A new growth was broken. It was quite hard to find a pot to put it in. Three months later, plant is established and I now need to divide and repot since it is literally crawling out. A flowering shealth has now developed so that is exciting.
Heathly plant with several new spikes forming
Unbelievably large pseduobulbs!!!
The entire plant including newly formed buds and leaves were well protected and arrive in excellent condition. Much care was taken to keep this specimen hydrated during shipping. I plan to order more related species now that I know Shipping is a priority!! Thank you Ecuagenera!!!
Nice plant
Large healthy plant however very few roots. Well packaged, fast shipping.
The plant arrived healthy, in good condition, with 5 large canes, the newest and largest was 18 inches tall. Three of the canes have obviously bloomed before so this is definitely a mature plant.