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Phragmipedium besseae

Phragmipedium besseae


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Número de evaluaciones: 4
Evaluación media: 4.3
Fast Perfekt
Die bessae war die einzige von 4 Pflanzen, wo es vielleicht noch steigerungsmöglichkeiten gibt. Das Laub der Pflanze sieht ein wenig gelitten aus. Dafür hatte sie die besten Wurzeln. Auch sie hat sich sehr schnell an die neuen Verhältnisse gewöhnt und nach wenigen Tagen macht sie bereits Neutriebe.
Happy with this purchase.
First time purchasing from this website and was very happy with this purchase. No issues were found and the orchid seemed very healthy and came with a lot of spikes.
I give it a 5
The plant I received had a bloom and about 3 buds. Unfortunately the buds blasted but it was a long trip and very hot. It seems to be adjusting very well. My only disappoint was the flower was not as red as I had hoped for, but that's nature for you.
Right now, I’d give this plant a 3.
This orchid is a little beat up. A few of the leaves are torn and overall just in rough shape. I have rehydrated it and I’m hoping for the best. The package was pretty smashed, but this orchid seemed to bear most of the damage. If it looks like it’s not going to make it, I’ll be in touch within the five days.