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Masdevallia strobelii
Masdevallia strobelii


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Número de evaluaciones: 4
Evaluación media: 5
Great size and healthy
The Masdevallia came in looking extremely full and still very moist. No buds but lots of leaves and healthy roots.
good plant
I received a decent size plant, some of the leaves has dropped after transport but it is expected when plant travel through the world. I'm happy as now it is growing new leaves.
nice big clump
i received the plant today it is a big clump found even two dried flowers on it the plant was just a little dry but healthy only two spotted leaves and just a few drop down because of the drought i am pretty sure the plant will recover wonderfully and since the clump is big there is really anything to worry about the few leaves that fallen roots are very healthy aswell, i believe i will be able to see other flowers soon since the flowering season isn't ended. definatelly a wonderful plant to have in your cllection
Collected plant from the London show. I received a healthy, vigorous, good sized plant, which, despite its long journey, settled in very well and continued developing its flower buds. I am expecting to see the flowers open less than four weeks after receiving it!