Lepanthes calodictyon

Lepanthes calodictyon

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Evaluación media: 3.5
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Never Received or Reimbursed for Missing Plant (28/12/2020)
I ordered this plant along with 5 other orchids. This one was not included in the package. I have written them over 10 emails about this and they will not even acknowledge my emails. Are they shady or incompetent? not sure
sent the wrong product (18/11/2020)
Ordered 3, received 1 L calodictyon that looked great, but the other 2 were clearly L tentaculata, and upon showing pictures of two clearly different plants, they refused to correct their error.
Amzing little plant (04/05/2020)
This has been growing well for me in a terrarium getting misted twice a day but with fans for air circulation so it never stays soggy. I've fertilized it a bit with very dilute kelp fertilizer but the leaves of this plant are AMAZING. They have totally amazing patterns in them, I'd highly recommend it for you to try!
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