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Lepanthes calodictyon

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Lepanthes calodictyon

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Número de evaluaciones: 16
Evaluación media: 4.1
Worth it
Ordered 2 both came larger than expected and in good shape would definitely order again
Habe mir die Zwerg-Orchidee nach Deutschland liefern lassen.
Sie kam etwas erschöpft nach Wasser durstend auf Kork aufgebunden bei mir an.
Habe sie gleich schattig auf einen Xaximstamm in meinem Terarium umgesetzt, aufgebunden und seid dem einmal täglich mit Regenwasser besprüht.
Zu beginn hat sie einen Großteil ihrer Blätter abgeworfen, doch mit Hilfe einer Lupe waren kurz danach neue Blatttriebe zu erkennen.
Hab nach 2 Wochen auch begonnen die Orchidee mit Hilfe einer Pipette und Orchideendünger zu düngen, natürlich nur den Wurzelbereich.
Bin sehr zu frieden mit dem Kauf und empfehle den Orchideen-Interessierten Ecuagenera gerne weiter.
Nice large and healthy plants (3 pcs). All in flower!
La plante que j'ai reçu était saine, bien feuillue. Elle s'est très bien acclimatée, en culture depuis un mois et a déjà fleuri.
I bought a rare! x calodictyon x tentaculata . Bloom three /four times since May2020.
Whish I could post a photo , a small but beautiful flower but it doesn't last long .
Cherry lip , plum petals , orange sepals. Tiny
Never Received or Reimbursed for Missing Plant
I ordered this plant along with 5 other orchids. This one was not included in the package. I have written them over 10 emails about this and they will not even acknowledge my emails. Are they shady or incompetent? not sure
sent the wrong product
Ordered 3, received 1 L calodictyon that looked great, but the other 2 were clearly L tentaculata, and upon showing pictures of two clearly different plants, they refused to correct their error.
Amzing little plant
This has been growing well for me in a terrarium getting misted twice a day but with fans for air circulation so it never stays soggy. I've fertilized it a bit with very dilute kelp fertilizer but the leaves of this plant are AMAZING. They have totally amazing patterns in them, I'd highly recommend it for you to try!
I have had this plant for about 4-5 months and it has been growing like crazy and blooming very consistently. I ordered it and picked it up at a show and I was packed very well and super healthy
Arrived crunchy. Dead. I think the best time to order it would be in the fall. Maybe better luck than.
Very nice condition plant
Came well packaged and in good health.
excellent +++
Beautiful mini orchid!
I have ordered this orchid twice from Ecuagenera. Both times they have been delivered with 6+ mini leaves on them and looking very strong and healthy. This plant will do very well if kept in an area with good air movement and watered frequently!!
I have reservations about the product
I purchased 5 plants and the lepanthes calodictyon is the ONLY one that wasn't in good condition. Only 1 leaf was on the plant and it was dry and dying. Elizabeth/Ecuagenera said that if it doesn't survive, they will replace with a new plant. I am still trying to revive the plant. Good challenge.
I really like this orchid, thx a lot !
Came well packaged and in good health. Flowered within weeks.