Evaluaciones de clientes para Phragmipedium Peruflora's Cirila Alca

Phragmipedium Peruflora's Cirila Alca

Phragmipedium Peruflora's Cirila Alca

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The plant arrived Toronto Canada wrapped in spag moss. Pickup was easy and smooth. Multi growths. Quite healthy root system only a few root rot. Recovering nicely.
Arrived with flower spathe, some tips of dry leaves due to transport, all in all beautiful plant.
I pre-ordered this and three other plants from Ecuagenera prior to the Santa Barbara orchid show scheduled for March of 2020. I was literally on the airplane to California when closures were announced due to the Coronavirus. The Santa Barbara orchid show was also cancelled, and so I was not able to pick up my plants in person. I think four different staff from Ecuagenera reached out to me via emails and phone calls. We finally connected and the plants arrived at my house a week-plus later, all in fine condition. Well-packed, and just the right amount of moisture to hold them over. Kudos to everyone involved at Ecuagenera! This particular plant had 3 good-sized fans, two of which are new. I expect new roots shortly.
Multiple growth with good roots. Packing up was too dry, resulting in burnt leaves. Plant is recovering nicely.