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Anthurium pandurilaminum

El nombre propuesto era Anthurium bullatus y el aceptado es Anthurium pandurilaminum

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Número de evaluaciones: 15
Evaluación media: 4.1
Fast grower
Anthurium pandurilaminum appears to be really fast grower once established. It puts out a new leaf every week or so. The previous Anthurium bullatus was very slow in contrast. Not sure if these two are entirely different species or perhaps from different elevation.
This becomes giant leaves in short order. I love it. So much fun.
Shipped perfectly
This plant looked so perfect right out of the box. It arrived with one big leaf and a couple of smaller ones. It didn't take long to acclimate since it arrived with a pretty good root system. So happy with this purchase!
Arrived a month ago, reasonable size. Since then has adapted brilliantly to Singapore's weather and has put out 3 new long and gorgeous leaves.....if all of Ecuagenera's plants were as good as this, I'd be a happy camper....
Melted Plant
Plants generally looked nice after unboxing - ordered 2. multiple large leaves on one and a couple smaller leaves on the other (with evidence of other leaves removed). All the leaves melted off plant within 24hrs. Have been able to save the stem/roots on one to slowly regrow in leca
very nice
Very cool looking plant. It shipped well and is happy in my home.
very well rooted, perfect condition, a bit on the smaller side
Good sized plant this time
Seedling size
It should be noted in the description that the one for sale are not yet the mature version to avoid disappointment. I was aware of this because of the previous review though. The plant came in great condition with good root system.
seedling size
Seedling size with two small leaves. I cannot tell if it is a bullatus. Nothing like the picture.
Nice and healthy looking plants!
The size is good for the price! They arrived in great condition. Hopefully they‘ll acclimate well! Can’t wait to see them grow!
Did not ship well.
Was a good sized specimen with beautiful large leaves, but all of them turned yellow and dropped off when unpacking. Had some stem rot too, still trying to save it.
Beautiful plant
nice, healthy specimen, healthy roots, beautiful leaves
Nice healthy specimen!
Great size to sell this anthurium at. Arrived with no damage and beautiful new leaves!
too early
too early ,not mature enought