Philodendron esmeraldense

Philodendron esmeraldense

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Good plant, but it has been a bit of a journey. (02/01/2022)
The plant arrived with 4 leaves and a new leaf the had opened while in transit. Half the leaf was very pale as a result and I fully expected to loose the leaf. I didn't, in fact the new leaf greened up very quickly. About 3 weeks later virus appeared on 2 of the older leaves, but the problem has remained confined to those areas. Now there is new growth . The roots where in good shape when the plant arrived as well. Despite the few problems I've encountered, I am happy to have the plant.
Died straight after shipping. (14/10/2021)
Unfortunately arrived with stem rot and died within 2 days after receiving despite I did not disturb the plant at all when I received it to help acclimatise.
Good Quality (29/08/2021)
The leaves are big and mature. The biggest leaf is 20cm long. However its roots are fine and thin. All leaves are healthy though.
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