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Philodendron delinksii

Philodendron delinksii 

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Número de evaluaciones: 28
Evaluación media: 4.5
Big and healthy!
Nice plant, arrived with 3 leaves. I planted it in chunky perlite, leca and orchid bark, in a slotted orchid pot. It's doing well. I'm in Washington state, days are 75-85F and nights are 50-60F. Getting dappled sun
Arrived in excellent condition
3 weeks on from import and it doesn't even look like it was shipped thousands of miles in a dark box!
Giant plant
Continues to grow like crazy. It is very dramatic and easily one of my favorites. Very easy. Shipped well.
5 stars
Very large plant with many nodes, roots were in good shape but most the aerial roots were dried up. All the leaves were in good shape. I am happy overall with condition and size was larger than expected.
10 stars
Came pretty big! I was shocked. It arrived with great roots and great foliage
7/25/22 no leaves
This plant was picked up at a pop up in Chicago on 7/16/22, got it home the 3 leaves were very floppy the never stood up not even after a few days, it’s now 7/25th the plant has lost all 3 leaves.
Great healthy plant, but juvenile form
I got this plant 3 months ago and it's still very healthy. It's a fast grower and very hardy.
Pictures 1 and 2 are misleading though, since I got a juvenile form and the leaves still don't have their full triangular shape.
Es ist eine gesunde, schöne Pflanze mit großen Blättern und einem guten Wurzelsystem angekommen, ich bin sehr zufrieden
This might just one of the coolest Philodendrons
This plant given me no issues and has already given me a few new leaves.
Half way damaged in traveling
This plant had a rough traveling. It arrived quite damaged. 3 leaves and stems dead. 2 leaves ripped. Maybe it will live, maybe it suffered too big of a shock.
Large leaves with unique shape, tall specimen
I recently picked up this plant at a Pop Up Event and I must say, the plant was huge! It was around 3 ft tall. There were some minimal damage on the bottom leaves but I am really happy with my purchase. The roos are healthy. It is currently acclimating in my greenhouse. Thank you Ecuagenera for a wonderful specimen!
poor pictures
Please disregard the first 2 pictures since they are missleading focus on the 3rd and 4th cause this is what i got actually
Cool looking plant
Seems to be acclimating well
This plant is a real marmite plant and I love it!
Minimal leaf damage and a new leaf on the way. However the roots were very dry and as a result not many survived. So the plant is in rehab and it's holding its own. Still I am happy to have it. Not many (any) available in the UK.
I am extremely happy with my order from Ecuagenera
I received an healthy plant with large leaves and good root system! Beautiful example of this philodendron, Roots were well wrapped and well established. Thank you!
Expirience whit Platyceriium Andinum will follow ...
Great philo
The roots arrived dry and I have lost one leaf, but other than that, the plant is doing great, has some roots and a new leaf is unfurling. It's very easy going and is doing great so far (I've had it for 3 weeks or so).
One of my favorites!
This one has thrived in our south Florida shade house. It arrived in perfect condition and never missed a beat, quickly pushing out a huge new leaf.
I've ordered six more, just to fill a corner of our shade house with the stunning foliage!
Plant very healthy with 4 internodes and 60 cm. Tall
Pretty Happy
Packed well. Over the first week it lost a leaf, assuming due to shipping and change stress, to be expected. My plant looks nothing like the listing pictures. Must be a more juvenile form. Of all my plants this one has had a harder time adj
Big leaves
This plant came with 3 big, beautiful leaves. One was yellowing already, but the other 2 big guys were beautiful. This plant didn't come with much in the way of roots, but I'm working on getting more roots grown. I think it'll be a nice specimen after it establishes more roots. Really cool leaf shape. I'm happy!
Large healthy plant. Dropped most of its leaves on arrival but it has a good root system and I don’t think I'll have a problem growing new leaves. Happy with my purchase
Healthy large plant..
As always I am extremely happy with my order from Ecuagenera! I received an healthy plant with large leaves and good root system!Thank you!
Received a beautiful large cutting with a few good roots...
Received a young plant. It is small but has good roots.
Big, healthy plant
Got this along with a few other plants and it is one of my favorites. It’s big, beautiful and healthy. It came in perfect condition even after being held up at the usps for a week and, after a week in my care is already pushing out a new leaf. Can’t wait to watch this grow!
Very beautiful, healthy philodendron.
Philo arrived in great condition. Potted into aroid mix. A new leaf has already grow and opened up. Very nice specimen!
Nice sized plant of this highly colored red philodendron!!!!!!
Beautiful example of this philodendron. The Equagenera type of this plant is stunning! Roots were well wrapped and well established.
Healthy Plant - France
I received my package very quickly, the plant arrived with a leaf which started to turn yellow. I think she is slightly sensitive to travel. A few days later, I repotted it and it is doing very well. I had a total of 2 large leaves with one in preparation. It has not yet opened but I have another one that is growing .. I will not complain! Very nice specimen