Anthurium lentii

Anthurium lentii

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Evaluaciones de clientes para Anthurium lentii

Número de evaluaciones: 3
Evaluación media: 4.3
Beautiful as always (20/05/2021)
This company has best plants
Better than expected (10/03/2021)
Got this plant on a whim - mostly based on shape.
I was impressed upon unboxing with it's thick, dark leaves. Roots were similar to orchid. It's a pretty sturdy plant to not much shipping stress manifested on leaves - only lost one old leaf and the new developing leaf. But still waiting to see how well it roots. Overall I do think it has very low chance of dying when shipped.
A small but healthy plant which looks different than the picture (12/12/2020)
I received a small but healthy plant which looks different than the picture. It has already put out one new leaf. Overall happy with the purchase.

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