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Anthurium clavigerum

Anthurium clavigerum

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Big and healthy plant with lots of roots.
Big plant
I recieved a huge healthy plant with no bugs! One lobe and entire leaf was missing which is understandable because The plant is so big. Also im not sure If The new leaf is gonna Make it because they r so fragile. But the plant has amazing roots so im 100% sure it Will bounce Back and Make me new leaves in no Time! So i really recommend
Fun plant
I received a very large specimen with multiple leaves. Some of the leaves were missing lobes, but it was otherwise healthy. I was super excited to see it put out a new leaf, this plant is super fun and rewarding to watch grow. The first leaf it put out had five lobes and the second leaf it put out has six! This plant's root system is massive and it keeps on putting out new chunky roots. Definitely one of my favorite anthuriums.
Nice chunky plant
I received a nice big plant with a healthy root system and leaves. Unfortunately there was some shipping damage. One of the leaves was snapped off at the stem and had to be removed. But once the plant has acclimated it will start to grow again so not too bothered by that. Overall happy with it.