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Anthurium debilipeltatum

Anthurium debilipeltatum

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Ships well, all good
It arrives in tip-top condition, with no loss of leaf. Roots are healthy. The plant itself is a mature specimen, comes with inflorescence. Cute plant.
So cute.
This plant arrived healthy with zero damage. I hydrated for 24hrs in water and them back into spagnum for acclimation. Ive lost no leaves. She has already put out new growth. Just fyi this plant has such a neat feel. Kinda like firm polished leather.
Very good
Ordered 1 plant. It arrived super well, no leaves have fallen on the contrary all are super green and rigid. Love this plant. It's been over a month and no new leaves but I think it's a slow grower so everything is fine. Definitly one of my favorites.
Arrived with no roots and a broken leaf. Currently rehabbing.