Philodendron ornatum cf

Philodendron ornatum cf

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very beautiful (02/09/2021)
Areal roots were slightly dry, but roots system healthy and good few leaves. Looking forward to get bigger leaves.
Nice juvenile plant (16/07/2021)
I got a nice juvenile plant with 7 leafs and an excellent root system.
Now after 9 days, a new leaf is emerging and one leaf is becoming vellow. I am happy and statisfied and trying now to get the plant to the adult form.
I was impressed by the superfast shipping to Germany. Plant was packed at July 4th and I received it at July 7th.
Roots all rotted when unboxed, struggling (20/05/2021)
The plant itself looks about the same as the last photo here, with about 7 small leaves and a new leaf ready to unfurl. It would be 100% gorgeous and wonderful it it had arrived with any salvageable roots. I'm currently rehabbing it and at least I haven't lost any leaves yet, but a week in about half the leaves are yellow beyond any hope. I really hope I can save the plant.
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