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Monstera lechleriana

Monstera lechleriana

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Número de evaluaciones: 8
Evaluación media: 4.8
Great Plant!
Received a very healthy plant that was even bigger than I expected. The roots are great too. It handled shipping like a champ!
Very large specimen! Leaves are approximately 7-8 inches with 6 leaves! Very well rooted. I am so pleased.
Great plant
Received a good size plant with very healthy roots and 7 leaves (oldest 2 leaves have turned yellow but that is to be expected). No fenestrations yet though.
Goid size but..
A beautiful plant with several juvenile leaves that didn't have fenestrations. Only downside is the plant was suffering from root rot which I have removed since. Hoping this plant will make it...
Beautiful leaves, okay roots, rotting at growth point
This M. lechleriana came in with 4 leaves, the oldest of which was yellowed and falling off. The leaf at the growth point hadn't unfurled and was rotten to the core. I cut if off to prevent the rot from spreading, and 2 weeks later still there's no new growth, but the remaining 3 leaves are BEAUTIFUL and healthy, although without any fenestration.
This is my second time ordering this plant. This time I purchased two. They are sporting full deep green leaves and healthy roots. I could not be happier.
Beautiful Plant
Four large leaves. I’m very happy. Will order another one when they’re posted again.
Great plant
Nice, full plant arrived! Multi leaves. Already showing fenestration. Excited to see this one grow!