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Anthurium queremalense

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Evaluación media: 4.1
Very unsatisfied
I received this plant and was super excited
But when it came both leaves were dried up and dead and the stem was dried up and so were the root s I put it in moss to see if there's some miracle it snaps back but I really doubt it, I contacted the company but haven't heard back from them
Bon été general
La livraison a eu 3 jours de retard avec des chaleurs donc une feuille n'a pas survécu mais la plante étant de belle qualité et mature, je pense qu'elle va se remettre. Plante bien plus grande que je l'avais imaginée.
Plant is doing well
When I received it, 2 leaves fell off and left with only 2 leaves, I was worried. by 2nd month a new leaf start to grow, grow to full size with 3 weeks. So 1 new leaf every 2 months, not bad.
Plante superbe de belle taille et bien raciné emballage nickel plus qu'à la voir grandir pour devenir aussi magnifique que la photo car pour le moment juvénile
How lovely
Two magnificent 18 inch leaves attached to one well rooted stem. It arrived in dried sphagnum moss. Its only been 2 days, there are small drops of yellowing but otherwise no signs of transplant shock. (80% humidity, 1000w grow light). Looking forward to its maturity and lovely growth. Very satisfied.
5 stars
Big and beautiful. Shipped well. Good roots very little signs of stress. Very nice
Love it, amazing!
Very unsatisfied
All of the leaves were yellow when I received the plant. I contacted the store but I have not had any resolution. I purchased a full size plant but I received a stump. I do understand the risk when importing plants but I am very disappointed. This was not my first order but it may be my last.
I may have to try again
I have had this plant for 4 months and it came with pretty much no roots which is very rare for the anthuriums I have purchased from Ecuagenera. Somehow it still has 3 leaves but still no roots. I have tried moss, water and stratum, high and medium humidity but the thing just doesn't want to budge. But it is still green and alive, leaves are starting to brown and dry out. But I am sure I just got a bad one out of the lot and will likely try to get another in the future.
Good Purchase
I received this in great condition and on time. The other reviews have been spot on with the way it looks. I was hooked with the pic of its mature form and it looks like the seedling form. I’m excited to see this mature and what the newest leaves will look like under my care. I would’ve given it a higher rating but I initially based my purchase on the default image displayed for the plant on the website. It’s really is deceiving.
Large specimen, quick to adapt
I ordered this Anthurium Queremalense when it was at full price for $140 so if you're ordering now, you're getting a much better deal. I'm writing this review months after I got the plant. It came with the biggest leaves compared to my other Anthuriums and adapted the fastest. However, as the other reviews have stated, it looks closer to the last image on this webpage, not the first image. I understand that it might take a few years to get to this development but the plant is awesome, hardy and quick to grow. I have it in pon and it's doing great! After 4 months I already see roots coming out of the bottom of the pot.
Great looking plant
I received a great looking plant. The roots were in good shape. I potted it up and within a week of receiving it , it put out a new leaf. this is a great plant and I am happy with my purchase.
Beautiful Specimen
The queremalense did not disappoint, it still has a very juvenile look to it - a little more like the "seedling" photo but it's a good size, and I am very happy with my purchase.
The plant that arrived looks more like the smaller version that Ecuagenera listed as the seedling version. Do not expect to receive a plant that appears as the first lmage of this listing.
Arrived reasonably quick, with healthy roots and three reasonably sized undamaged leaves (much smaller than first picture)
Healthy beautiful plant
Plant arrived to Lithuania fast without any damages on leaves. Roots are chunky and reset to support adaptation and further growth. It's been 3rd week of adaptation in my growing conditions (60_65% humidity, 12 h under full spectrum growth light), all good so far.
This is my 3rd purchase from Ecuagenera. I have one mmore on the way. This is by far the best. I was in shock when I saw this anthurium. It is so stunning and so healthy. Thick leaves, thick roots. I highly recommend this anthurium if you can give it the conditions that it needs. Karla as usual an angel when answering any questions.
settling in slowly to singapore conditions.....
Great looking
Received a decent sized plant.
Totally amazing !
I have ordered sevearl plants from Ecuagenera, but this I must say is maybe one of the best ever in my collection. Amazing looking anthurium.
Came in perfect condition in Europe, super size. Love in the first look
highly recommended
This is my first experience buying from Ecuagenera. I am very impressed with my purchase. No damages of all the leaves and no yellowing as well. My plant comes in 2 huge leaves and 3 smaller leaves, and the roots system are well established as well. Looking forward for the development of my A.Queremalense.
Plant recieved in great shape! Some nice roots and 3 big leaves!
Small but beautiful
Both are baby plants with good roots system. Not the product photo but I am happy with this purchase.
Love this plant
So happy about the quality of the plant that I received. It was in perfect condition when I got it and had some great roots. Would definitely recommend getting this!
Beautiful healthy young plant!
Anthurium queremalense received is a young but healthy plant! It started putting out a new baby leaf!! Thank you!
Anthurium villenaorum received healthy with 2 leaves.
Small young plants
Both are young plants, but beautiful and healthy!
Small plant again..
Definitely does not look like the main picture, more like the last picture. Small plant of 2 leaves less than 20cm for this price is pretty disappointing. And also need to pay for another plant which I don't need.
Small and yellowing on leaves.
I cant recall how many times i have been buying from Ecuagenera but i really hope they can be more consistent in their plant selection. Its so disappointing to know that some buyers received nice and big specimens while others received small or even rootless plants. This is no way of doing business i mean come on, we are all paying for the same prices and this certainly isnt fair to those who got something lesser than what is expected. I really hate it when its always a gamble when you shop in Ecuagenera, not knowing what kind of surprise one's gonna get.
Beautiful - Exactly like the last stock picture
I was hoping to get one speciment like in the first picture - with loads of white veins, but I knew that this one is just for promotion. But that's okey, maybe the new leaves will developed more veins. Queremalense came in super condition, not one single scratch of the two leaves. the newest one is 32 cm long, a very good size. The roots, as usual, are in perfect condition. I am just not a fan of these bundles. If a customer already has that plant, he or she don't want to have another one, especially for people like me who are collectors and not resellers. In this case, Villenaorum is my third one and please, don't put it in another bundle again :-).
Nice but small
Nice plant but the one I received is small with 2 leaves. Both shorter than 20cm.
Excellent plants.
I bought four quere from Ecuagenera, and they were all great. Roots on one are a bit of a struggle, but it is rooting. Leaves were various sizes, but I got one that's bigger than my head by several inches. I love these and will definitely buy again.
One of a kind!
I was already amazed at how fast the shipping was, and even more amazed at how beautiful of a cutting I received. There was no colorosis and its root system was in perfect health. No brown spots or crispy leaves! Amazing!