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Anthurium longistrorsum

Anthurium longistrorsum


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Número de evaluaciones: 12
Evaluación media: 4.7
Good health, good roots, very happy ;)
3 Big leaves
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants,
perfect condition
The packing is amazingly good. The plants arrived safe and sound. Good size plants and price comparision. Definetly recommended!
Package arrived smashed, but to my surprise the plant were/are in great condition.
Healthy and many roots. Good size plants, they are not seedlings. I am very pleased.
Plant arrived ok. Most of the leaves fell off but the plant seems to be doing fine. It is a lot smaller than what is pictured.
I received 2 baby plants. Some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow, The plants look stressed. I hope it will be able to bounce back quickly.
Beautiful nice size plant.
Beautiful nice size plant - It arrived safe and sound to Washington. D.C. I'd suggest to pay extra for fast shipping. The leaves look great and the roots are healthy. Looking forward to seeing them grow bigger. Thank you.
good size plant. healthy on arrival. has grown by leaps and bounds with new leaves galore, a very tall and imposing plant with beautiful foliage. Adpated well to tropical singapore
very well rooted, perfect condition
Came with no issues
Gorgeous plant. I ordered 2. Both came with at least 4 leaves, great root system too.
Beautiful plant, healthy root system
This plant arrived in great condition, larger than expected with a large, healthy root system. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and value. Thank you!
Beautiful plant
Arrived in very good condition, healthy leaves and roots