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Philodendron fibrosum

Philodendron fibrosum


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Wonderful plant
Arrived mid January.
I was afraid it will get damaged by the lower temperatures, but there was no sign of damage whatsoever.
It was well packaged and well secured inside the package.
Plant arrived as advertised (same as last pictures of the advert).
Last leaf unfolded in the transport and is looking very lovely.
I’m very satisfied !
3 stars
Got this plant awhile ago. Although the leaves and roots seem to be in good condition, it was way smaller than what is published.
Packaging was excellent.
Beautiful plant
The plants itself was healthy and beautiful , however due to poor packaging and a spell of very cold weather, the leaves have been pretty severely damaged.

All in all wonderful company and very healthy lovely plants but had inappropriate packaging.
Arrived in awesome condition. There were no issues with the leaves and it just needed a little trimming of the roots. I wish I got two, I look forward to ordering again.
Hit or miss. If you like gambling, place an order.
These lost all their leaves from shipping, and are in the emergency room. Did not arrive well. I've ordered over 20+ aroids and honestly it is hit or miss. I would say 1/4 arrives in acceptable condition meaning the stem is easily salvageable. Maybe it's packaging or the time traveling, but I always lose most of the leaves. Plants arrive in sphagnum moss wrapped in plastic. If you order from the USA, be aware you will probably not get what you see. That's why the prices reflect it. These are prices for rehabs. I have unpacking videos on youtube @ Austin Green Earth.
Pleased beyond all expectations
My fibrosum arrived today with 3 perfect, smallish leaves with another on the way soon, lovely roots and seriously the most *gorgeous* petioles.
Shaggy, thick, bright green petioles that remind me of a woodland moss. I could hardly take my eyes off of it all afternoon
I expected a more fragile plant in need of rehab but this one arrived looking flawless and I only expect it to get better with time!
Ordered this plant before the weather became to hot for shipping. It came in perfect condition. Has pushed two new leaves in the month and a half that I have had it. My favorite wishlist plant.
survived shipping with some damage. expect a much smaller plant than the photo though.
The plant was way smaller then expected, all the leaves are fried. It was wrapped in bone dry sphagnum to top it all off, not impressed with my first order from this company.
Bigger than expected
Based on the pictures, I expected a small plant with a couple leaves. I received a large stem with multiple nodes and growth points. I think I could chopped this bad boy up and get 4 plants. Like others have stated, it doesn't travel well, it was a little beat up. It had a great root system on it and that's what matters to me. I'm happy with my purchase. The communication from the seller about my order was fantastic. I was so please with my first order that I order a couple more plants.
Good plant at great price
It arrived in good condition with minimal damage. Leaves were slightly beat up, but that is to be expected with thin leaves like that!
The roots were kind of small and showed no new growth. I have been careful not to overwater because of this.
Overall super happy to find this amazing rare beauty! My unboxing video can be found here of the product: https://youtu.be/ksqw8x4Siv8
Great established roots
I'm very happy with my purchase.
Yes, the very delicate leaves were beat up as any plant that is shipped will have damage.
The price is very good and the damaged leaves were removed and others will grow in. The most important thing is the roots, which are very good! Thank you
Great Plant
I picked up my order at a local show, and this is the only plant that didn't handle travel very well. Came with two leaves and a third starting, and I've had to remove one as it completely wilted & had lost most of the hair on the petiole. However, the stem and roots are healthy, and so far it looks like the other leaves will hang on. My understanding is that this plant doesn't travel well in general, to be fair. Overall, very happy with this plant, and the rest of my order was perfect! Will definitely order again.