Ceratostema rauhii

Ceratostema rauhii

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Evaluaciones de clientes para Ceratostema rauhii

Número de evaluaciones: 3
Evaluación media: 3.7
Very nice sized plants, securely shipped (10/06/2021)
I ordered two of these...great quality as always from Ecuagenera. Upon unpacking, I put them in a moist coconut fiber/perlite/sphagnum mix...Unfortunately one of the plants seems not to be doing too well, so I took a bunch of cuttings (hoping that the cuttings root in sphagnum under lights). The other plant is doing ok, as I keep it wet. Despite the humidity of my New Jersey spring/summers, I do not think these plants do well in hot weather. It might be nice if Ecuagenera provides optimal culture conditions for some of these more finicky genera.
Beautiful plant - blooming for me! (19/01/2021)
I purchased this plant at one of the USA shows (pre-COVID). It is doing very well in my greenhouse and has bloomed for the past 2 years. No berries because I have no humming birds in the greenhouse. LOL! I have it hanging in a shady area that stays about 70 F during the day and does not go below 60F at night. Grows slowly, so I want to buy 2 more to make a large hanging basket.
Highly stressed by travel (06/12/2020)
Stressed by travel and lost 50% of its leaves during travel. Getting worse daily in my care and don't know if it'll recover. Good in size though.

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