Pleurothallis marthae

Pleurothallis marthae



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Número de evaluaciones: 2
Evaluación media: 2.5
plante arrivée avec feuilles cassées (03/11/2021)
plante reçu avec les feuilles cassées ,signalez a ecuagenera ,réponse de ecuagenera les feuilles vont repousser
très déçu de leur part
Nice plant (07/04/2018)
It is a good looking and unusual plant. It should deserve a 5 stars rating, but, unfortunately, the leaves cracked in the shipping. That is the reason I took one star out of the rating. Contacted Ecuagenera and they confirm me that they will send a replacement if the plant is not recovered. I will wait and see. I am happy with the plant and Ecuagenera's service.

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