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Cattleya trianaei

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Cattleya trianaei

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Número de evaluaciones: 6
Evaluación media: 4.7
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large and healthy plant
Healthy plump pseudubulbs but mushy roots
This plant has a healthy top, my disappointment is that the lead was rotted. Appears two lateral eyes will grow next. Also, the roots were mushy. Because of the plump bulbs and healthy 3 leaves I think it will pull through but it was the weakest of the 4 plants in my first order.
Healthy plant
Fast shipping, well packed, healthy plant. 6 weeks after arrival plant is producing new roots and growths.
Very healthy plant with a dozen pseudobulbs total and three leads developing, two of which are putting out new roots. I expect this plant to establish quickly and likely bloom next year.
Nice plant in good health +++++
Huge, flowering size plant. Weak root system, but the plant has 5 older pseudobulbs and 3 new leads! I expect flowering next year.