Philodendron bannoniae

Philodendron bannoniae

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arrived great (18/05/2021)
Arrived with leaves and roots in fantastic condition. Nice large plant sent.
Great (22/03/2021)
I ordered first time from Germany and 4 different plants at once: a P. mamei, P. plowmanii, P. bannoniae and a M. subpinnata. When the package arrived I was worried about the size it was small and slender. I thought 4 plants in this? they will be crushed or small, but no. The Leaves were very well and carefully wraped in Paper, all neat packed so nothing would be tossed around inside. When I unwreaped everything I had 4 healthy, large plants with only one minor damage to one leave and very healthy and lots of roots on all of them. This one came with 5 long leaves and a new one is far developed.

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