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Stunning and huge!
Healthy plant but recieved wrong size
I picked my regale up at an ecuagenera pop up yesterday. The plant I recieved is healthy and pretty, but it's small. Comparing it to the measurements in the pictures I recieved a seedling size when I ordered and payed for a regular sized one. I'm happy that my plant is healthy but I also feel like I've been cheated. Another plant I received was also small as well. It's like they swapped a couple of my plants out for some that was lesser value. I sent an email about it, if it's resolved I'll update this review.
My second Regale
I bought this during a sale. It came a few weeks later and was gorgeous. 2 big veiny leaves. One of my all the favorite anthurium plants. The chonk was huge! Om giving it 4 stars because it looks like it has some type of fungal spots on the leaf.
Magnificent, or should I say... Regal.
If you are familiar with anthurium care, and have wanted a regale - get one. This was a smaller sized regale (not tiny by any means) with a nice large chunk division attached and a very large healthy root system, but that 1 leaf.... is just magnificent. Thick, almost cardboard in texture and absolutely stunning. The images do not do it justice!
Regale large leaf -Excellent condition
Picked up in person in Seattle on
8/20. Plant came with a large flawless leaf and large healthy root ball. Overall excellent condition. Based on other growers’ recommendation, I’ve soaked it in distilled water for 24 hours and will be potting it up today.
Very disappointed.
I received a plant with a broken stem. The one leaf that it had was gorgeous but because the stem was broken now I have nothing.
Large plant, but some yellow leaves
This is my first ever plant received from Ecuagenera that was not in perfect condition. The plant was very large, but two of the three leaves was yellow/brown. The one leaf that was still green keep on looking great and I don't think I will have any issues with it in the future. It arrived in a box with 4 other Anthuriums, that did not have any issues, but this was the largest plant. Might be the size that makes it a little more sensitive to shipping?

But I'm still happy with it. No problems with roots. In a month or so I'm sure there will be new leaves.
Absolutely gorgeous
I received a very big specimen, I was quite surprised and impressed. It arrived with one big leaf with big chunk and quite healthy roots, big chunky white roots. Very beautiful and worth every pennies. This is the plant to you must have.

The only mistake that I did was I soaked it for too long in water (2 days) and the healthy roots started to rot. My advice is if you received it with healthy white root, just treat in with minimum treatment and put it on humid forest moss. Let it adapt first.

Now, My Regale is finally pushing new white roots, I am so happy.
leaf turned brown
leaf turned brown
Ich bin immer wieder überwältigt in welcher guten Qualität bei mir hier in Deutschland die Pflanzen ankommen 1a mit Sternchen
Ich habe bis jetzt viele athurien und philodendren in diesem Shop gekauft und ich muss sagen bei dem richtigen Substrat wachsen die Pflanzen sehr schnell
Made a long journey all the way to California. Also, I'm glad I upgraded to UPS 2 day w/ heat pack.

I have a post of the specimen on my IG: ryans_orchids

3 weeks later, there are tons of aerial roots. Growing in 95% R/H under 600 FC.
Giant cutting… fully rooted…huge flawless leaf. Shipped all the way to California… minor shipping damage to roots. I acclaimed it for 2 weeks in water before potting in a chunky aroid mix. It’s growing fast in its new environment. It’s on a heat mat in a greenhouse that’s 75 degrees and 90% humidity.
Very big ! Root system was great and came with a very large chunk, definitely going to buy more
Great size, not very extensive root system..
Insta. @burgundy.z
2 days of shipping in winter from Germany to Austria with a heat pack. There is no obvious sign of cold damage to the leaf. The stump felt a little too wet for my taste. A small pieces of aerial root was rotted off and unfortunately I did find some older dried off rotten roots but the newest root growth seemed healthy. However the root system is not developed enough for such a mature plant for my taste and the soil it was sent in fell right off the roots upon unpacking the plant. I hesitated to place the Anthurium directly in perlite, to help with root development (since perlite has been my go to medium to grow roots for sick/stubborn or recovering anthuriums) however I didn't want to stress the Anthurium excessive by placing it on a new medium. Hopefully it's current roots will be able to sustain its single big leaf... Otherwise great price for such a big anthurium regale. I defenitly recommend!
very big single leaf.
yellowing at the edge due to shipping stress i believe however, it is still acceptable.
Really well packaged! I received in perfect condition. It is really big leaf. I really love it. It is the best present for christmas. I would definitely recommend! Thank you so much!
Superb condition
Very impressed! Received in good healthy condition, plant is packaged well too. It's less than 3 weeks and a new baby leaf is on the way. Looking forward! Thank you!
Greetings from Oregon USA
Hes hanging in there, its been abt a week 1/2 since hes got here and hes holding up well compared to the others, but that is the risk you take, they all where packed perfectly and all bery healthy with excellent roots so thats defo a plus given they are having a bit of a hard time acclimating. Over all great experience and will defo buy again when I can. Hopefully when it is warmer.
Great product received at the end of November 2021. Really well packaged and protected. One leaf which was enormous (bigger than my face). Barely any damage and in near pristine condition. Plant has been in my care for just over one week and is still looking good with healthy roots. Potted into spaghnum moss and awaiting new growth. Thumbs up from me - would definitely recommend. It’s gone down a treat on my Instagram - @theplantparlourgram for photos. UK based customer.
It was received in November, already could in Russia, Moscow. But it was packed very good (yes - very good)) and everything is OK. The plant has just one and huge leave with no any damage, a lot of healthy roots. So more then 2 weeks already passed, Regale was potted to live sphagnum moss and placed to green cabinet with humidity 50-60%, artificial light and temperature night/day - 19-20/24-27. Seems that he feels his excellent))) No any signs of growing, but it is normal. I suppose I need more Regale))) Dont think - just order it, I'm sure everyone will be happy))))
Preis Leistung in Ordnung
I got my package on November 12th, a cold season to order plants, the leaf wasn't quite ok but I got a large plant (you can see an unboxing picture on Instagram @bobpostx).
Excellent Plant
Plant was carefully wrapped and shipped. they are healthy and new leaves sprouted.
Beautiful Plant!
My plant came with only two leaves, but the root system is well developed. Medium size, it is a very beautiful plant.
Is this even real life? WOW
I never expected such a large beautiful plant on import.
Received with one small and large leaf. The large leaf is near perfect. It has been acclimating to my home for a couple of weeks now and shows no signs of stress. Excited to watch this one grow. Thank you!
Arrived with only one leaf... probably gonna have to treat a stump
Plant arrived with one leaf which was big but pretty damaged. It's acclimating now, but it looks like it's gonna lose the one leaf it has, which was to be expected. But I at least expected two leafs on the plant for the price, but well, could have been worse, could have been better...
Arrived with two big leaves with no damage. Roots are strong healthy. Highly recommended.
Great buy
I received this plant with two large leaves, the newer one the length of my torso! The roots were a little limp as I could tell the medium it came in was completely dry, but hey, anthuriums tend to do better dry anyway. Plant was so pretty that my cat bit it out of jealousy from all the attention it was getting.
My plant arrived healthy with 2 extremely large leaves. The packaging was so perfect that there was no damage upon arrival. I will definitely purchase from this company again.
Single Leaf specimen - arrived perfectly
Mind-blowing beauty in its veining and my single leaf specimen arrived pretty much in perfect condition saved for a few light scuffs. I will be back to buy more
Received a huge healthy specimen with one leaf. Absolutely gorgeous!
To Singapore: Received a gorgeous single leaf Regale, about 30cm in length. Appears to be a hardy plant for tropical climates of up to 30+deg, and acclimating well after 1 month.
WOW! Superb quality and experience!
The Ecuagenera team is incredible, first and foremost - they sent me multiple emails to update me on the status of my order and were kind and through in their communication. The plants arrived in excellent condition and were only 3 days in transit from Florida via UPS ground shipping.

I think I have found the one and only place where I'll be buying plants from now on!
this is my first purchase from Ecuagenera for Regale and i wasn't expecting such a good size leaf (Bigger than my face) although its 1 leaf.. But i am surprised there isn't any major damaged or knocks injury on the leaf. Good specimens.
When the plants reaches SG, it already developed yellow spots. Overall its good as I received huge leaves and very healthy roots. Other than that, it would be perfect. Would definitely purchase again when it's available. Thank you to Ecua Sales team for the speedy replies and courier over at TOH Gardens
Beautiful Healthy Plant
I love this huge Regale, so much so that, I went back and purchased another one. It arrived well packaged with a healthy root system. Love this plant and always happy with my purchases here.
Beautifull plant, need some acclimatisation
Ordered two Regale together with a friend. Both plants were very different in size and amount of leaves. One of them had one large leaf. The other one had a large leaf, two smaller leafs and a baby leaf on the way... Therefor we had to raffle. I lost and got the one with the big leaf. Very beautiful leaf, with a chuncky stem and thick roots. Very impressed. This one does need to acclimatize a little as expected. Mine has one brown edge, my friend lost the baby leaf and one of the smaller leaves. Would recommend a growlight and humidifier
Incredible plant
The plant arrived in good health, much bigger than I thought ! The foliage is so beautiful !
HUGE leaf. I really love it , beautiful plant. good root system and only 1 leaf but 43 cm and the next one is coming to life .Healthy plant. I totally recommend buing it.
Beautiful plant
Received a single leaf, gorgeous specimen. Root system was great. The leaf was beautiful. I would highly recommend getting this plant.
Perfect but just a little sad
After a few orders where I I received small specimens of the ordered plants, Israel promised me a beautiful A. Regale. He didn’t lie. It was a really big one. But just one leaf. If I read the ratings from other people that received their order the same time… they all got 3 or 4 leafs for the same plant. I feel ripped off… again.
I received a plant with three leaves larger than my head, all thick and healthy with a gorgeous blue sheen. The root system was giant and healthy- you wouldn't even know it was an import. It has stayed beautiful too, no decline from delayed shipping stress.
Good sized plant
3 leaves and from the size like plant #2 in the last picture. Lot of healthy roots so it should make no problems. Mine is a cutting from a big stem.
Ok I must say that I have ordered several Regales from Ecuagenera...I initially received a perfect one that dried its one leaf quickly..that was my fault bc I didnt provide the req condition, then months later it gave me a baby leaf perfect! In the mean time I ordered several more in hopes to get one as the first one and was getting young species that didnt look like the pictured ones, I got in touch with Karla an angel ... and she helped me get the one I wanted... but wait for it the previous one gave me a baby leaf that actually looks like the pictured ones, so please dont lose hope!
Magestic and in perfect condition!
I received my Anthurium regale along with a Waroqueanum and it stunned me the minute I opened the package with its perfect 4 leaves and two on the way!! It came rooted in a pot and currently acclimating just fine! My well shought after plant was finally at home. A dream came true! Ecuagenera Europe thank you so much!!!
3 leaf wonder
Location: Singapore

WOWWW. Very lucky to have received a plant with 2 large leaves and 1 smaller leaf, the small leaf has exceptional stripes! Came with the most amazing root system like a bowl of udon. Zero shipping and acclimatizing stress, for those who're in SG worried about the humidity needs, so far mine has not crisped up on me and looks exactly the same as when I received it. I live on a high rise building with good air flow, no extra humidity. This is testament to the health and quality of Ecuagenera plants.

Thank you to the entire team, your plants are spreading joy world wide :)
Huge and healthy!
I honestly wasn't expecting such a large plant, especially for the price! The plant is almost half as tall as I am and it came with one (ginormous) beautiful dark green leaf and the start of a second leaf coming in.

The plant arrived in almost perfect condition (I did pay for the extra 2-day expedited shipping) with lots of large, healthy roots. It was also packed excellently.

It has been several weeks now and it is still healthy and seems to be acclimating well.
I'm still surprised they could fit this plant into that tiny box. Some shipping damage on the leaves, but the roots were incredible.
This came in beautiful and large. Barely any shipping damage
Top! Rallye happy
2 leaf, 1 big (40cm) and 1 small.
And good roots
Omg Im so happy with this one! Mine was sooooo big! And all the leaves where perfect! It was shippee all the way to holland and in great condition. Totally in love.
Good plant for the $
This thing is giant! I swear almost 3 ft tall the leaf isis well over a foot long. The roots were amazing. Slight leaf damage from shipping but overall i am thrilled with this plant.
Jurassic sized!
These regales were HUGE! And the chonks...wow. Shipped amazingly well too! Def get two day shipping.
This was my first time ordering from Ecuagenera. Most of the plants arrived in a really good condition, and Anthurium regale is no doubt the best among all. Huge, flawless leave with well established roots. I am impressed.
Really happy with this plant, Ecuagenera never disappoints me! Huge leaf in perfect condition and another one on the way. Hoping that the size will be consistent in my next order.
5 star
Plant arrive amazing
Fast shipping, 2 leaf but huge,one leaf got messed up in top n die later normal since that leaf was huge almost not fix in the box so far she doing awesome.
I cant wait for my other 2 plants...
Sad and disappointing
I was so excited to get my regale (and a few other anthurium). Sadly, my plants came in a completely smashed box with rot leaking out. All leaves broken off and roots rotted. I tried emailing multiple times, but never recieved a response. So disappointing considering I've bought many plants from them and they always respond immediately when I ask to buy something or need to pay, but won't respond when there is a problem. Now I have unrooted stumps that I don't know what to do with. Sadly, I would not recommend and will probably not be purchasing anymore from ecuagenera. Will update review if they reach out.
Highly recommended!
Very happy with this plant, arrived in perfect condition all the way to Poland with one huge leaf and lots of healthy roots, no rot at all. 5 stars for customer service as well!
Recieved the plant with a big leave in perfect condition, thank you!
4 star
I received this plant at the pop up shop. The plant travelled from Ecuador to Florida to Washington state (I believe). Big logistic nightmare for a plant this beautiful. It is huge, when I checked the root system there about 3-4 root rot. Plant has 2 huge leaves, 1 died after 2 days from picking up. The 2nd leaf has dried spots that are turning brown. I posted this experience 1.5 week from pick up. I am still watching if plant will thrive. 4 star not for the plant but for the excellent customer service. Highly responsive staffs. Thank you.
beautiful but inconsistent
shipped well to singapore
the first plant i bought was really pretty and it had 2 leaves about 25cm long
but the second one i got had a massive leaf of 50cm
both plants had really good root systems and are healthy
however i do think with ecuagenera you have to set your expectations right and know that their plant sizes are rather inconsistent, and you may get a smaller plant than expected.
different type of Regale, much smaller
It is much smaller even after turned to more mature. It is not the same as in the photos.
Honestly, i am so disappointed with the plants. Anyhow the plant is healthy. Just NOT the Regale type in my mind which has a more huge leaf.
Amazing plant but does not look like in picture
The plant I received had huge, dark foliage and lots of healthy roots. Overall, a very nice plant but looks more like a Magnificum, probably a hybrid.
Not looking lime the picture at all!
I could not really say anything about this plant since for the second time i received a plant not at all looking like the one in pictures. I don't understand how Ecuagenera could send out to customers wrong plants specially with the price tag on some of them specifically Regale, I paid a heft amount for the wrong ant sent. It had 3 leaves which is surprising for Regale.
Good health, good roots, very happy ;)
Ne ressemble pas à la photo
La plante recue ressemble plus à un dark form, pas de veine aussi marquée, plante mangée par le fongique, racine cuite... placée en serre et réanimation à l'arrivée... Cependant le tronc est énorme, et est reparti sans trop de difficulté.
Does not look like the pictures
I bought several in hopes that I will get the wonderful Regale pictured, but every time I got a kind of hybrid, nothing like the picture...
Highly recommend
I ordered 2 of these and arrived in pristine condition! One had a big chunk almost 7 inches with two beautiful leaves and white healthy roots. The other one had three leaves with a smaller chunk but also with very healthy roots. I feel so lucky!
Totally worth it!
I received a large plant with one awesome leaf and long juicy roots. Most of the roots started dying and rotting after 1 week but that's expected due to shipping stress and phytosanitation process. The plant is taking some time to acclimate but that's also expected with these exotic big leaf anthuriums. I am so happy with my purchase that I ordered one more from Ecuagenera. I will post a review for that one too.
Très bien
Arrivé en parfait état, avec des racines plutôt pas mal. La feuille de bouturage se dégrade malgré ma serre, mais je pense que c'est une processus normal, la prochaine devrait être parfaite.
It got bacterial leaf spots after a few days.
This is really tough, when the plant arrived it seemed to be in really great condition. The oldest leave was a bit damaged and had some spots on the leaves but the newest and largest leave seemed to be fine. Unfortunately over the course of a few days this one too started to develop bacterial spots on the leaves, which is very hard to treat. It has yet to put out a new leaf, as the last one did not make it. I have had this plant for over two months now.
Very good
Pretty much perfect packaging. Nothing was rotted and it came with a lot of healthy leaves.
large single-leaved CHONK was received.
I ordered two regales for my friends and received them about 1 month ago. When they arrived, immediately I regretted not getting one for me too. Both were really big, definitely as large as the photos with huuuge root systems too. No leaf damage, and they still look just as pristine today as when they arrived. For reference, I'm in California and I paid for the upgraded Express shipping.
Perfect each time
I've purchased two regales from ecuagenera on two separate occasions. Both plants that I received came in perfect condition. Theyve acclimated very nicely. At this moment I've had one for 2 months and the other for 1 month and they both look exactly how they did when they arrived. Roots were in good condition too.
First time to order and Received this 1 leaf regale on 1 May, with many torn areas on leave, though the root system looks strong
Lovely plant, 22cm leaf
Arrived as a single 22ccm leaf, well rooted on a thick stem. Was hoping mine could have the 'signature regale veins' but it didnt - probably due to the size of the plant.
Absolutely Stunning
Received my 1 leaf Regale in almost perfect condition. Protection on the leaves could improve. But nevertheless, the roots were super healthy and stem is thick and big.
Communications was prompt as well.
Will definitely purchase again.
This is my second regale. My first was fairly small but this one is large in comparison. The leaves are gorgeous and plant is well established. They seem to do well in shipping. Very happy.
Perfect plant!
My Regale arrived in Italy absolutely in perfect conditions: two leaves, one super big, one middle size and one on the way. Stunning healthy roots. Thank you Ecuagenera, for your top quality and best customer service!
Gorgeous plant!!
I think acuagenera has the best anthurium collection.
Highly recommend I would give millions of stars
if I could! I always thank ecuagenera.
They have the best customer service best price!
Large leaf, rotted roots
My regale traveled from Ecuador, to Florida, and then Seattle Washington. It has a very large substantial root chunk, but the rest of the smaller roots had a bit of rot. I cut the rotted parts off carefully and put it in 1 part hydrogen peroxide 10 parts filtered water for 20 minutes then into a new container of water. It also arrived with a huge beautiful leaf but it unfortunately died off within a few days of arriving. When the leaf died off I put the large root chunk in a 6" container of perlite sitting in about 2" of water with a plastic bag to retain humidity. I am very hopeful that a new leaf will emerge.
Very pleaseed with my order!
Received a large plant with great root system!
beautiful large plant
The plant I received had one large leaf and one small one, it does not resemble my original regale, looks more like an hybrid magnificum
It's amazing
The plant arrived in great condition. Roots looked strong and healthy.
This was my first experience purchasing from Ecuagenera and I will be making many more purchases! My regale was well packaged, shipped quickly and it is large and beautiful. The customer service is also wonderful. They always respond when I send an email and are very kind and helpful. Thank you Ecuagenera!
I have ordered multiple times from Ecuagenera and every time has been an incredible experience. My regale arrived with a large and healthy root system, the plant was larger than expected and the single leaf shows no signs of shipping stress. Amazingly, this has been the case with all of the orders I have made. Can't recommend enough!
I received my A. regale today and I am pleased with the order except, I think it's too pricey for the size. There was no root rot and the leaves are healthy and another leaf is sprouting. Great packaging for cold weather.
Not a good experience first purchase
First purchase and quite disappointed to receive the Regale. Packing squashes the leaves and both leaves came with tears on them.
I've ordered and received about 20 Anthurium regale and did not have the best experience. The first shipment was about 20-30 cm each leaf which I thought was fine. Mind you, this shipment consisted of about 30 plants and the regale had no foliage damage. However, the roots were broken and falling off and had to all be regrown from stump. The second shipment consisted of about 14 A. regale and they were much, much smaller. Each leaf was about 15-17 cm each and seemed to be the narrow form regale. The issue with the second order was that the bags the individual anthurium came in were soaking wet and resulted in alot of leaf rot that had to be cut out. So on top of smaller and smaller leaf sizes, the regale in this shipment had sustained significant leaf damage on the already small leaves they did have. I'd recommend buying since they're cheaper than the A. regale currently on the market, but realize buying this is a coinflip and inconsistent as with every experience with Ecuagenera.
I was panicking because it was in transit for 7 days and thought everything would arrive in mush! Nope! Only the newest growth was rotten. The roots were wrapped in sphagnum moss and was perfect, no signs of rot! (Yet)
Received my Regale at its best! received it with 2 leaves (1bigass leaf + 1 medium size)

the foilage oh my gosh! when it hits the light it like black that turns to green but yes I'm still at awe! So speechless with this one! the roots are great as well!

overall 10/10
Received my Regale at its best! received it with 2 leaves (1bigass leaf + 1 medium size)

the foilage oh my gosh! when it hits the light it like black that turns to green but yes I'm still at awe! So speechless with this one! the roots are great as well!

overall 10/10
Regale is only plant you will ever need - EU delivery
The plant I received is a 2-leaf specimen with lots of good roots and no visible damage on the leaves. Longest leaf measures about 20-25 cm and 3rd one is already on its way. Delivered during a cold spell without a heat pack. Would definitely recommend to buy but for experienced growers.
burnt leaf and tuber with little root
Received the Regale with the leaf burnt on the edges. Checked the root it a chopped tuber with a few roots, it's very disappointing as its a USD100 plant I expect the plant to be in good condition I'm trying to nurse it back and I hope the best.
One big leave, nice healthy roots despite the cold weather conditions when it arrived. Good package and communication with the seller.
NOT Regale
I received the regale that is not wide at all, looks like a magnificum and also it is way smaller than my other friend's order. I contacted the support, first, they mentioned only if the plant is 20cm less, they can refund, but on the website, it says the $100 Regale should be 30cm. Secondly, I showed them the picture, that the regale should be wide and the pattern is more stretched horizontally, they denied that this is not a regale. I strongly not recommend anyone to purchase the Regale from them. My friends total have received around 5-6 regales, and they all look different from mine. The support refused to take any actions so you have to use your own dispute method.
It's ok
Location - singapore

Regale received had 1 misshapen small leaf and 1 decent leaf at around 30cm. Arrived with decent chonk of stem but roots were only growing lower down the stem.

Rootball was rather small despite good roots. The regale is likely to do ok with the root system but with any mistake made, in shipping or acclimatisation, the plant may not survive due to the small root system.

For 100usd and previous experiences from older ecuagenera orders, i expected more.
As advertised
One big leave with some nice white roots. Just as pictured! Arrived safe and sound despite USPS delay, so the packaging definitely did a good job.
Perfect Angel Wings
Awesome + Gorgeous angel wings, exactly how we’ve pictured it! This is my 3rd shipment and all plants arrived in pristine condition this time (without any root rot, snapped stems etc). A big 5* to Mr C.O. for his fantastic customer service; it’s always a happy experience buying from Ecuagenera. Keep up the great work!
9/10, plant was received fast and in good condition
The plant was received in good condition, the leave was perfect. The plant is acclimating now, only some spots on the leave.

Overall really happy!
A big 10
Wonderful. With one big beautiful leaf and great roots! ❤️
beautiful plant
I ordered a medium size and think I received a large one because the leaf was more than 40cm long! The chunk connected to the leaf was also really big, but the roots werent well developed. However, the present roots were very healthy and quickly developed in my care. I am very excited about this purchase.
Medium is 20-30cm tall
I've previously bought a small anthurium regale from Ecuagenera and it was a good size. I wanted a larger one so I bought a medium size. The medium size was smaller than the small size. I contacted them and they told me the size of the medium one is 20-30cm tall. I thought I would be getting #2 from the picture which is 45-55cm, but instead mine was around 23cm even though it says in the description "The size of this plant is 30 cm" not "the size of this plant is 20-30cm". Since it fell in the 20-30cm range, they couldn't do anything about it. Wish I had gotten a larger one.
A gorgeous plant
We received this plant with decent size leaf and very healthy roots. Although the new growth is damaged, we are looking forward to the next growth. ;-)
First time buy and was blown away! Amazing quality.
Big plant with3 nice leaves
I was blown away by these plants. They look soo good!
One of the better ones in my order
Received a decently sized Regale (i ordered the Medium size) with the largest leaf at 23cm. Good root system, and it's starting to put out a new shoot. I think the more expensive plants come in better in my orders.
I ordered 3 small Regale’s and received what seemed to be small, medium and large (i didn’t measure the leaves though). They all arrived in perfect condition.
I paid for express shipping.
Good but a bit of luck involved
I managed to get a decently sized Regale with 1 leaf whereas some of my friends instead received 3 smaller leaves plant. So i guess it depends a bit on luck.

Roots were very healthy and no rot.
I ordered 3 small Regale’s and received what seemed to be small, medium and large (i didn’t measure the leaves though). They all arrived in perfect condition.
I paid for express shipping.
Good but not great
This plant came well packaged and survived its shipment fairly well. However, the plant does not have the markings as shown on the pictures. It looks not quite like a regale, or a juvenile form. Eventhough it was attached to a MASSIVE stem (which is good!). Overall, I'm definitely happy, but a little different than expected. Also the sizing doesn't really add up.
10 - 15 cm for the Medium
I ordered three Medium sized Regale and they all arrived very underwhelming. Averages from 10-15 cm, half of what's claimed on the site. Lastly, none of the regale shows the veins like a regale. Very disappointed for sure. The sales team provides little help.
Big healthy plant
My A. regale arrived bigger than i expected it to be. I ordered medium, it came propagated from a HUGE stem. Leaf was indeed 30+ cm.
Anthuriums don´t always travel most amazingly.
Often they loose leafs. And this one had some leaf damage from the travel.
But that is to be expected from being shipped overseas.
Dont expect to arrive with absolutely no damage to its leaf.
I am so extremely happy with it!!!
has a lot of root, and the rest of the plant is in perfect health.
Its growing happily!!!
Could be better
I was excited to received this plant but the ones I received lacks the regale veination like those in the pictures. Ordered medium but one came as small. Roots are healthy.
I was delighted to have a regale shipped to me; it arrived in great shape and has now put out 2 new leaves over a couple of months. Only gripe is that the venation looks like a normal magnificum or crystallinum and does not have the 'scribbled look' at the top of the leaf that is in the picture. I did ask about whether it was indeed a regale and they assured me that it was. Just wish I'd gotten one with better marking
I was impressed with the way it shipped, but the roots weren’t in the best state, the size was ok, the plant looks good but it doesn't have much of a root system.
I'm conflicted about how many stars to give. Size is very inconsistent. My friend and I both ordered medium and small regale, and hers are all much larger than mine. That said, the plants I received do have pretty good roots, even after removing the rot. Overall, I'm happy with the roots, unhappy with the size and leaves for the price.
Larger specimen, iffy roots
I was impressed with the size of the one I received, but I will admit the roots weren’t in the best state. It still has one aerial root (can’t tell how alive that is) but I’m hopeful it’ll recover. It has lost one leaf already though, and I do find it’s very hard for anthuriums to recover from transport shock when their roots rot.
A great and beautiful plant well worth getting!
The plant arrived with two amazing leaves and a good root system. It has been happy through both shipping and being planted up, and I am very pleased with it. Thank you Ecuagenera for both great plants and great service and communication!
Highly Recommended
The plant received was way more bigger than expected compare to the price paid. Will definitely recommended to anyone who is aroid avid.

Two thumbs up.
The plant is gorgeous and still thriving. What I love even more is Elizabeth Yanza and the Ecquagenera team for their customer service, amazing shipping and communication. Thank you!
Highly recommend
I ordered the smallest size, received a beautifully established plant with very nice, small, foliage. I’ve only lost one leaf early on (mild transplant shock) and it’s putting out beautiful new growth and adjusting nicely now- give this plant the warmth, light, and high humidity it needs and you will be extremely pleased
I was worried about receiving such soft leaved plants from abroad, but the regale arrived in great condition and is still doing well.
Big healthy plant - France
I was quite amazed when I saw the size of this magnificent Anthurium Regale. He arrived in perfect condition (just a little very little damage on the leaf). Attention, for this specimen it's necessary to have a good humidity
Very Nice!
This plant came in with very nice roots and healthy although leaves are a bit damaged but it's to be expected.
So impressed with this plant! I received it in 3 weeks and it has 1 large leaf that is perfect. Decent amount of roots that are all white and healthy. Thank you
So glad I ordered here!
After I bought this plant I heard that Regale ship terrably so I was expecting to receive a rather dead plant (especially all the way to Germany) but the one I got is beautiful, no dry roots or root rot, perfect plant and 4 weeks later she still looks the same. Placed three more orders in the meantime. Thank you guys!
Beautiful, large leaf with grow point on thick stem. Roots are already growing quickly.
beautiful plant
I received my gorgeous regale one day after it was shipped from Germany.
It is absolutely amazing. It has a huge healthy leaf and a very thick stem (not many roots, however, it has enough to keep it alive).