Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset (medium)

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset (medium)

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stem rotted on arrival... (29/09/2023)
recieved this along with another verrucosum and 2 anthuriums...anthuriums had great roots and bounced back after 2 days in water. This verru had a rotted stem that ran thru several nodes. i notified ecuagenera and they said i can get a replacement with my next purchase. So now i have to spend more money to get a replacement? i think this was my last order here...sorry guys....i expect dead leves but not a rotted stem......
As pictured (28/04/2023)
Size was as pictured. Does not ship well. Beautiful verrucosum not easily found
So dramatic (29/03/2023)
This poor thing did not like being shipped. Or being put in a much lower humidity situation. It arrived healthy, but droopy. The root system was good and the specimen itself was healthy. Since then, it has acclimated ok. I have no doubts it will grow on fine.
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