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Philodendron pseudoverrucosum

Philodendron pseudoverrucosum

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Número de evaluaciones: 4
Evaluación media: 4.5
Wonderful plant
One of the most beautiful philodendrons I have. The plant adapted well and quickly released a new leaf.
Incredibly beautiful verrucosum type!
Plant arrived with a few of the bottom leaves brown, but the other two leaves are healthy and there is a new leaf emerging. Got to keep the humidity high for this one
The plant was a little worse for wear after the long journey from Ecuador to Singapore and it's now rehabilitating. Doesn't show the lovely red colouring of the verrucosum 2 or 5 though.
Was unsure of what to expect
Ordered this plant unsure of what to expect. Was very pleasantly surprised. The plant I received had a mature stem, with a good root system. Plant looked exactly like the one photographed and came with 5 leaves. Would absolutely purchase again.