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Anthurium luxurians (seedling)

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Anthurium luxurians (seedling)

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On the smaller size for the money
Came in very dehydrated, after couple of hours it plum up. Roots are good. Prepare to be disappinted if you've order other bigger plants in the same shipment. Otherwise a good buy.
As expected
Insta https://www.instagram.com/burgundy.z
A.luxurians seedling arrived 1 week ago with 5 leaves, the biggest being 7 by 12cm. The roots are very healthy. The plant is placed close to my humidifier and has not gone into any dramatic shock until now. Hopefully it stays that way.
Arrived safely and healthy, but the new leaf was damaged
I cannot believe I have this plant in my collection now! The seedling was much larger than I would have expected for a seedling, with a very developed and healthy root system. If you are on a budget but are wanting a Luxurian, this is a great option.
Healthy but actually a pure lux?
Arrived large and very healthy with very good roots. I'm skeptical that it's a pure luxurians though because the leaves are long, narrow, and wavy like my lux x rad hybrid. I hope I'm wrong, but either way I'm disappointed that the leaves aren't round like in the photo.
Arrived in Good Condition i picked up at vandula farm. Roots are Healthy. Im happy to have this rare plant.
This has been a wishlist plant for SO long. I wasn’t sure what size to get as medium plants sometimes come huge from here lol. So I got the seedling and oh my god, I couldn’t be happier! My baby came with 4 leaves, one which is bigger than my band. Absolutely no root rot whatsoever. Keep in mind luxurians are super easy to care for and are beginner friendly plants so they can take on ALOT, but still; this baby came from Ecuador and looks perfect. If your debating on getting a seedling dont debate any longer! Go for it!