Philodendron pinnatilobum aff


Philodendron pinnatilobum aff

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Stunning as it matures (10/06/2023)
this has turned out to be my favorite philodendron. It is stunning as it climbs and produces those long lobes. No leaf loss and healthy through and through.
Sad (25/01/2023)
Unfortunately, the plant arrived with no roots and was floppy, after two days most of the leaves yellowed and died and after a few more days, all the leaves yellowed. Gave it a three stars as it's expected that philodendrons shipped badly but I didn't expect all the leaves to be goners
A little disappointed (16/12/2022)
The plant came in a bit better than Philodendron do typically. But I kept thinking the discolored leaves look different compared to the usual import damage.... that's because it's covered mites. Not typically my expirience ordering here, but have learned to be more vigilant in checking my order for pests I guess. I have faith it will recover. Just disappointed.
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