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Masdevallia Machu Picchu
Masdevallia Machu Picchu

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Average rating: 4.9
Egészséges, szép növényt kaptam.
very nice
very healthy looking
Well Worth the Wait!
Bought this in memory of my father-in-law who always wanted to go to Machu Pichu. The plant arrived healthy, albeit a little stressed. It bounced back quickly and is showing signs of new growth with no leaf loss. Well packed!
The plant clump was healthy but the size of the leaves is shorter than other Machu Picchu I have owned. It has established itself well and is making new growth without losing a single leaf.
well sized plant
I've lost a few leaves but I attribute that to the change in climate living in the desert it is much drier. Seems to have adjusted to its new home, has stopped dropping leaves and see new growths.
This plant arrived with perfect leaves and a large, healthy and thriving root system. I mounted it on a Kool Log using some of the sphagnum it was packed with and have it hanging in my eastern-facing window in my bedroom. I am in Oregon, US and RH is about 50% and temps at the window range from 55-70 percent, but the kool log seems to keep this plant cooler. It has done amazingly in the ten days I've had it--not a single leaf has dropped and the single spike it had shot out and now is in advanced bud. This is exciting for me as I was not expecting that any of the spikes or buds would survive such a big transition. This plant seems to be very sturdy and easy to please.
What a lovely and healthy plant I've received two weeks ago! Hopefully to make it blossom very soon. Thank you so much!
I collected a healthy and vigorous plant from the London show. It has settled in well and continues to develop its new shoots (leaves and roots).