Philodendron sagittifolium

Philodendron sagittifolium

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Great and easy Plant (11/16/2021)
This Plant shipped well for a Philodendron and is acclimating well to some not so optimal conditions because of limited space in my greenhouse. This plant is tough and easily survives in lower humidity.
Shipped well, looks aside some damage quite nice, is huge and easy...I'm happy!
This plant had a tough time in transit. (10/4/2021)
It arrived as part of a larger and all the other plants had arrived in great shape, however this poor plant had transit damage on every leaf but the roots were in great shape. That was nearly two weeks ago. This plant has had a lot of TLC and a few days ago a new leaf emerged. Wow. That new leaf is a real window into just how lovely this plant is going to be.
Very Happy (8/9/2021)
Beautifull plant with 5 leaves ou good roots!
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