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Lepanthes saltatrix

Lepanthes saltatrix

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 3.8
A robust plant
This is an exceptional plant from an exceptional genus, and this is THE Lepanthes that belongs in every collection.
Nice and big
Came in at an amazing size !and is super healthy
Arrived in excellent shape
Very pleased with this plant. I received a quite nice sized plant with 15-20 leaves, almost all survived with out issue. Root system looked in excellent shape and the plants has already started growing new growths in less than 2 weeks.
Damaged in Shipping
When I received this tiny mounted orchid all of the leaves were wilted and initially I thought that I lost it. It was 80° F here and the plastic container was stuffy and hot, having only a few tiny holes for air. However it did perk up somewhat after I soaked the mount. Three of the stems lost their leaves due to this but the remaining ones look normal, if not a little faded in color. But I'm really concerned that this tiny mount was placed in such a large container with nothing to stabilize it during shipping. Because of this, the plant bounced around as it was handled and transported causing two of the six remaining leaves to crack from top to bottom. In the two weeks that I've had it, the cracks have dried and yellowed giving them a disfigured look.
Came with a very bad condtion
It could be a cute miniature plant, but it came with very bad condition. This plant came in with other two miniature plants in the same plastic container. It looks like there was an impact during the shipping and three plants in the container were smashed. All the leaves of this plant were knocked off. I am not sure if it can survive the shock, but I am still monitoring it. I will gave a update later.
Great miniature orchid
A small specimen, this one suffered a little in shipping, drying out too much. All 4 mature leaves are damaged, dry and curling. The seven tiny seedling leaves were not injured. In week three, 4 new stems are growing. Mounted on cork, growing in a terrarium with LED lighting at about 1400 fc. Keeping constantly damp, with humidity between 65-85%, and air circulation provided by a mini fan.