Customer ratings for Anthurium rotundistigmatum seedlings

Anthurium rotundistigmatum seedlings

Anthurium rotundistigmatum seedlings

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Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 4.6
Beautiful heathy plant.
Plant arrived in good condition (despite European winter weather): minimum leave damage (might lose one leave) and good / healthy & substantial roots. Leave texture is stunting. Can't wait for very first leave growth under my care.
Velvety leaves
I loved what was shipped to me. I received it in great shape, with great leaves and good root system!
Lovely healthy plant
Very happy.
Beautiful velvet leaves
This plant arrived in good condition, leaves were slightly damaged from either shipping or just natural factors but none have died off which is a bonus! This plant has a fantastic root system and is pushing its first leaf out in my care - exciting! I’m not sure if you can tell from the stock photos but the plant actually has a velvet leaf texture which is so beautiful. Thank you!
From the picture in the website I was expecting a reasonable sized plant but it was really very small although it arrived in good condition. Hope it grows up as big as the picture shows...
arrived in immaculate condition!
I am super happy with this one! despite getting this during the cold UK autumn (already reached 5C in the night), the plant arrived in an immaculate condition! Already giving me new roots and a leaf!

Cannot wait to get it big as the one in the photo!
Sales staff is super helpful and very nice!
Good shape
Arrived in good shape of course there were a bit damage on The leaves because of The long trip but roots were amazing and it is already making a new leaf. Not very huge plant but it is absolutely beautiful so I recommend!
This is my second anthurium. Came in great shape and is growing roots like crazy. Beautiful plant.