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Philodendron rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red"

Philodendron rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red"

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Number of ratings: 129
Average rating: 3.8
Awesome plant, acclimated fast
Ordered this plant Aug 22, came with two leaves, healthy roots. After a year, it now has five, even bigger leaves, without any moss pole, I just have a stick so it doesn't fall over. Grows well even if you live in a place with lower humidity.
Almost dead on arrival
The plant lost most leaves in transport, it arrived with only one which was yellow and died two days later. 2 stars because Ecuagenera agreed to send me another plant.
Healthy plant, growing well
I received in Jan 2023, now is Mar 2023. The plant is doing very well, it had strong roots and every month it shoots out new leaves - 2 leaves in 2 months.
I ordered two of these for separate pop ups, and they arrived in decent condition and were easy to acclimate. I had less luck with the medium sized one than with this one. It may come with two or three leaves expect at least one to fall off, it's not a big deal, in the right conditions they bounce back quickly. Definitely worth every penny. The only reason I took off a star is that the color on the back of the leaf is not even close to how vivid and rich it is in the picture, (even on the new leaves I've been getting) so manage your expectations. Nonetheless, these are stunning plants.
Not good
It has 3 leaves and all of them turned yellow. Not good! Should be named "El Choco Yellow"
beautiful but sensitive to shipping
after reading the reviews i was a bit worried, it lost 2 out of 4 leaves in transit but the new leaves look good, and it’s bigger than i expected. after some water it’s already perked up
Did not Ship well
This came and was smaller size chonk and the roots attached were very very fine and did not survive the trip. I understand rehab is always possible with imports but this thing has proved to be a slow slow rehab. It is 5 months after I received it and I finally have growth and multiple leaves again. Based on its root growth which are just small and fine I just feel like it is not quite as strong a plant as a lot of other Philodendron but it is alive still and actively growing bso overall I am happy but may not be the plant for someone that isn't good with rehabs and patience
This is the only plant that did nit do well with shipping . I will trim off all dead leaves and see if I can get this plant to survive. All in all other plant were fine
Plant leaves were all dead. Seem like weather were the passes they was too hit for it
Arrived after a long while, but was big and healthy
no yellow or crisp parts on the big beautiful leaves. Wasn't expecting the roots to be in cocos. That was a bit harder for potting it into other soil, but that's it.
Sadly shipping was not kind to this plant...
Dead plants are always a risk of importing, and all of the foliage has yellowed/browned and died off on this plant. I would not recommend importing this one for that reason--I have a stump now that I am eagerly awaiting new growth on. However, the plant was a VERY generous size, so if you get lucky with a good import, it's a STEAL of a deal!
So big!
I'm shocked it came so long and tall, was not expecting that.
very good
I pre ordered this plant online along with others and picked her up from the pop up where I live. I was really disappointed when I got home and took off the sphagnum moss and found the new growth point very mushy and the newest leave already died off just after 2 weeks. I'm going to be left a stump.
Stunning plant
Arrived Jan and in perfect state. Some markings on the lower leaves but it is normal when buy plants online. The back of the leaves are beefy red, really nice to look at, especially on new leaf :)
Love it
I got the plant on March 9th and today is April 1st.
It got a heatpack near the roots and great packaging.
When it got sent later than expected, the service was fast and told me when it should be shipped.
The roots and leaves still lock great. It came with three 22cm leaves.
The leaves have a bit damage but for me it's ok and she still looks beautiful. The cathaphyll hardened so it will be tricky to push the first leaf.. but I think she'll manage that. :)
Would order again.
I bought this plant for the big beautiful leaves in the picture. When it arrived, my initial response was disappointment. It was much smaller than anticipated. It had what appeared to be fungus on the leaves. Once I opened up the bag & checked the roots they were all rotted. I'm currently trying to rehab it but its declining each day. I know velvety Philos don't ship well but I felt this was an unhealthy specimen from the get go.
Doesn't ship well
I knew this species was finicky but nothing like this. One leaf was dead and the roots were all rotted. I'm currently trying to regrow the roots but its proving to be quite difficult. Ecugenera customer service was very helpful when I reached out to them about it. I agreed to attempt to reroot the plant and go from there. If you do get this plant, maybe get it from an Ecuagenera pop-up nearby so it doesn't have to be shipped and stressed like mine was.
It shipped all the way to California… Showed up with 5 big leaves… 4 were very yellow and dropped within a week. It then pushed out a new leaf that is bigger, more vibrant and flawless. It’s growing new roots… had a nice rootball to begin with…only a few mushy tips that I cut off… it looks ready to transfer to soil. I acclimated it in water. I did superthrive water the first week… changing daily. Very happy with this big beautiful plant.
much larger than expected
pretty great condition for such a long travel! a week in and i have only lost 1/3 leaves, the other two are doing good and not showing any signs of dropping. there was a new leaf coming in upon arrival and that is doing fine as well. can't wait for full acclimation & new growth!
Hanging in there
All the reviews I read said these plants do not ship well so I was not expecting a whole lot. Mine arrived looking gorgeous with roots in ok shape. I ended up having to cut off the leaves but so far the large chonk is doing ok after 10 days. Hopefully it survives.
Died after a month. Got root rot upon arrival, I thought I could save it. Put it in my ikea cabinet with humidity around 70~90, but it still not showing it's going back. Very disappointed.
Even thought some of the leaves are scarred, the plant is in tact overall. It appears to be a more mature specimen compared to previous choco red I purchased from another Ecuadorian supplier, at the same price.
nice plant but 1 out of 2 big leaves died
the other leaf looks quite battered but surviving. doesn't appear to ship well
Dead on arrival
I ordered this plant in the November 2021 sale. I just received it today Jan. 13, 2022 and I received a dead plant. Roots are dried and rotted. Four leaves and 2 are completely yellow, with a 3rd leaf starting to show signs of yellowing. They need to let you know in the description the condition this plant will possibly arrive in. There are too many reviews of buyers with the same issues.
Proceed with caution
I've purchased 3 times from Ecuagenera and, unfortunately, I'm finding the Philodendron can be hit-or-miss. While my Anthuriums have ALL shipped and acclimated beautifully, the two Chocos I ordered both arrived with 2 dead leaves and OK root systems. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and proceeded with acclimating, potting and trying to care for. Even though I'm an experienced plant parent and importer, I am down to a stump and a sad 1 leaf plant. Really disappointing but my latest order the Anthuriums were nearly flawless and again the Philodendron were so-so.
How do I revive this!?
I purchased from a pop up in Dallas and was extremely hesitant at the time due to the shape it was in and the fact that it was significantly more expensive than it is listed here but I was excited and hopeful. All 3 leaves were dead within a few days but I knew it was distressed. I definitely should have gone back the following day to swap it out like I initially planned to do because I am down to a nub much like the other people who purchased at this pop up. Our local Facebook page has been helpful but somehow everyone that purchased this plant has the same problem and they are all dying a slow and painful death. Only been a few weeks but I'm losing hope lol
5 out of 5 stars!!!
I have ordered this beautiful plant in September it came from Ecuagenera Europe since I live in Thessaloniki,Greece. Excellent condition 4 leaves with no sign of shipping stress and a pristine root system. It's now the end of December and it pushes a new leaf which is ruby red and seems from the cataphyll that it'll be huge! Not a finicky plant at all. Lives well in 50% humidity in an airy potting mix . I'm very satisfied from Ecuagenera stuff and company as they provide answers to any information I ask them about every plant I have bought from them. Devoted customer of theirs!!
Does not ship well
The leaves were in bad shape the day after I picked it up in the Chicago December pop up. It was a bit disappointing and would not recommend it if you want a plant that will be ready to pot
This is my second El Choco Red order as my first died back to a node that is beginning to push out new growth. The current specimen is large with three healthy leaves and two yellowing leaves. It is currently in a clear plastic pot in sphagnum moss and has new root growth.
Beautiful Plant
Large and beautiful plant with 5 big leaves and a new growth. Only 1 leaf turned yellow in transit. Very happy with it.
Amazingly beautiful and ships very well
This beautiful plant came with 3 medium to big leafs and one on the way! Immaculate roots and since a month ago I'm watching it grow and prosper!
Very large but a fussy shipper.
I was shipped a large specimen. I received three leaves with the largest being 8 inches in length. It had a substantial root system but about half of it was starting to dry out due to shipping. I think this was likely a beautiful plant when shipped, but in my experience, Verrucosum do NOT ship well -- even with 2-day express upgrades. I had to remove 2/3 leaves upon arrival. This being said, I am still very pleased with the plant. When importing plants you assume a bit of rehabilitation and this is no different. She had rehabbed well in sphagnum moss and is putting out what I believe will be a very large new leaf.
Stunning plant
This is a stunning plant. I lost two leaves in shipping but I immediately planted it into pon, I don't always use pon, I prefer soil but when I get a delicate shipper like the verrucosum I do. Took away any dark roots, frankly there were not that many and the plant now is thriving. I have it grouped with other plants, it is not in an IKEA cabinet it just acclimated beautifully. For me personally, these imports potting them right away has worked. The longer they linger in water I think it's a problem. I am in love with this verrucosum and the whole experience with ecuagenera continues to be amazing. Thank you Karla for always helping and keeping in touch.
5 Stars!
I was a little skeptical of ordering a choco since I knew that they would arrive a rehab. However, the choco was amazing Can with with 5 leaves 1 little one yellowed in transit but from there it acclimated well to my rehab conditions and I didn’t loose another leaf. I will definitely be back to buy another!
Amazing plant
I've gotten quite a few el choco reds. They are amazing and they come in great condition. Yes, there's yellow leaves and yes you have to rehab but I don't believe they are that difficult.
Superb and Perfect condition!
I’m frequently buy some plants here and I bought El choco twice. The plants arrived perfect condition with big 4 leaves and took 3 days to Italy after received shipping notification from Ecuagenera.
Previous time my El choco was too small with 2 leaves and dried quickly when it arrived eventually it is almost impossible to rehab and at last died..
I always think that it is a luck of chance to receive a very good condition of plants, but I understand the damage caused by temperature, humidity during the time of transport.
Anyway thank you for beautiful gorgeous el choco this time!!!!
Plant come with at least 80 percent root rot.. first purchase and quite disappointed with the condition. Out of 4 , 2 came with root rotting condition.. now hoping for the best and hope that it will overcome this...
Beautiful strong plant, little damage from shipping
I love this one! Such beautiful velvet leafs. I received a plant with a big chunk, thick roots, 3 leafs bigger than my hand and one grow tip that is now after 3 weeks developing into a beautiful leaf. This one dit have a little crinckles from shipping but it doesn't bother me too much. To be honest: I ordered 7 plants and they were all more than I hoped for ❤
Its good!
The leaves were in rough shape but overall the plant is perfectly fine.
Large leaves but few roots.
The plant arrived in great condition all things considered I think. The 2 large leaves are healthy but there are very few roots from the "tuber". I'll rehab. the plant but overall very happy with this order of 5 plants.
nice leaves with minimal roots left
Received 2 plants in different orders. One had 3 HUGE leaves, one was lost in shipping. This lost some roots but overall was ok.

Second had smaller leaves but decent roots.
Another dead philodendron verrucossum. Received the plant with 3 leaves, 1 completely yellow, the other 2 leaves is 60% yellow. All the roots is rot. Now just have to re-roots, hopefully the 2 leaves have enough energy to push put some roots for new growth to emerge, I’m not optimistic.
Crossing My Fingers
I received a very large specimen with a large chunk of the rhizome. I am very pleased with what I saw. Knowing that El Choco Reds have a tricky history with travel I was prepared prior to purchase. This is my fourth purchase with Equagenera and all but one has survived. The plant that died was my error. I will purchase again and am happy with my purchase.
2 leaves arrived dead...not happy
it seems the plant is already on it's way to dying, tried rehabing, but did not aclimate with only 1 leaf and not much roots to work with. I would stop ordering from ecuagenera going forward.
3 out of 10
Not happy.
I purchased this plant in an order of 3 plants in August and received it in the first week of September.
The plant had a good size rhizome, but the roots were all mushy and dead. The leaves were all dead and fell in the following few hours of opening the package. I contacted ecuagenera and was advised to plant the rhizome in coco fiber and put it in high humidity spot. I usually follow a soak, rehydrate and then reroot process for all of my imports and have had high success rate. However, this plant arrived in such a poor condition that none of my efforts was able to save it. The rhizome itself kept rotting and I had to chop and remove the rot a couple of times. At this point I am left with a chunk. At the end, I was offered a %40 discount on my next order. But I'm not sure if it's the best solution. I paid for a grown plant and am left with a chunk and option of buying more plants with discount that is not guaranteed to arrive in better condition.
Excellent specimens
I've ordered one of these El Choco. And then three more. They are a fantastic plant which traveled well for 3 out of 4.

One had 2 bad leaves, but a new leaf coming and a sharp growth tip. All had nice a big "chonk" root with smaller roots. No mushy parts on the chonk.

The first one, I put on a moss pole and it is doing great. The other 3, I put in water for one week and they are thriving. Soon to be on moss poles too. A hearty plant. Highly recommended.
Healthy plant
My plant arrived in Georgia USA looking healthy. It has not lost any leaves or wilted (unlike the verru2). It seems to be acclimating to my home. The underside of the leaf is not as red/blushed as I expected but that my happen as it matures?
Large and vigorous el choco red
I received an email confirming my order prior to shipment. The package came quickly. The plant was in great shape when it arrived. Did not require any rehab despite being an import. New roots grew quickly.
El Choco
Received two very large leaves and one on the way, both leaves were damaged one has a hole in it but that could be because I didn't get expedited shipping. Risk worth taking
I recieved a beautiful plant with three leaves, one was just unfurling. It also has a really nice red back and the roots look great. I really can recommend buying this plant! :)
Beautiful plant
I recieved a beautiful plant with three leaves, one was just unfurling. It also has a really nice red back and the roots look great. I really can recommend buying this plant! :)
Huge and beautiful
Received a massive specimen with 3 leaves (all >30cm in length) and no signs of stress at all. It has only been with me for less than a week and is already pushing out a new leaf. Unfortunately it seems like mature plants do not have the red backs in their leaves.
Rotten stem
I have been very generally pleased with my plant orders from Ecuagenera except the last shipment. I ordered 2 Verru 5 on separate occasion just a week apart. I received one with a rotten stem and both plants have yellowing leaves. I understand yellowing is due to shipping stress however I've bought from Ecuagenera before where plants arrived in pristine condition. I'm not very pleased.
Healthy foliage and roots
Receive the plant with healthy foliage and roots and it acclimatised quickly and opened a new leaf within 2 weeks
Beautiful plant
This plant is probably the best looking verru that I've recieved from ecuagenera. The roots are fine. It is in spaghum and will be there for a few weeks, but that is the norm for imported plants.
Beautiful Plant, Lack of Roots
This plant showed up shipped in a great condition and looked amazing. 2-3 big leaves. However, as others have stated, there really weren't any roots able to sustain the plant in humidity levels below around 90%+. I lost all leaves within a week. If you don't have enough room in your highest humidity boxes or chambers for the full plant out of the box (maybe 2.5' high), I'd cut the leaves and throw the chonk in water to root it, then sphag. I'm about 4 months later and I now have a few small leaves and enough roots to migrate to moss. 4 stars for the price and beauty of the plant received. But had to take off 2 stars since, without roots, it can be a risk. However, added one star back for chonk size and rehab-ability :)
Pay for Upgraded Shipping
I just received mine today, and though his leaves are huge, they are in pretty poor condition, which - to be fair, I live in Phoenix AZ and he came all the way from Florida via UPS ground. Most of his leaves will probably not recover, but his roots look ok, and he should be salvageable. For the price of this plant, I would certainly not hesitate to purchase again and recommend, however, I also recommend upgrading your shipping if you are more than a day or two transit time. Other than that, he was packaged with care, and I saw that in the way that the entire box was packed. I am still satisfied with my purchase.
Big leaves!
Quite pleased with the size of this plant when it arrived! The root system isn't very good, but I found that it isn't too difficult to re-root. I put mine in sphagnum moss and it rooted after a few weeks. I also did not experience any leaf loss, which is amazing, given that the root system it came with wasn't very good to begin with. Overall, I'm very happy with this plant. Always wanted one and I'm excited to continue growing the one that I have.
Large leaves, No roots
Plant came in with 2 large leaves, 1 of which was yellow from shipping. The other is still acclimating so I will see what happens in the coming weeks. All the roots were not viable and definitely dead on arrival. Large Chonk, def room for rehabbing. Order if youre willing to rehab , if not don't. Picture comparable to Plant received.
All roots rotted
Plants came with all roots rotted. There were two small leaves, one of which was completely yellow and the other one wilted in the next few days. I put the rest of the plant in sphagnum moss for rehabilitation. It's been a month and half then. Nothing really happend and the rest of the vegetation started to die back. I've reached out to them for a replacement/refund, and was rejected immediately. I would not recommend taking the risk buying from them.
Big healthy plant.
This has been in my care for a month and is big. It's happy and healthy
Ordered 3 now in various form of rehab
I ordered 3 plants they arrived ok. 1 was perfect. 1 had leaves but no roots. I put it in coco coir and directly in a green house. months later plant is beautiful. The third plant died down to the stump. I rehab it but leaves are very small and the plant still struggles.
It's huge!!
I repeat, they are huge! Im super happy! It was a little rot, a few leaf los, but nothing terrible. ☺
Plant was wrapped in paper which was amazing as it did not allow for moisture to be trapped on the leaves.
Plant had 4 leaves and one on the way. Of the 4 leaves, only one was slightly yellow due to transit.
Roots were wonderful and Plant is acclimating well in my care.
Would definitely recommend purchasing this plant as it meets most requirements:
- heart shaped
- velvety texture
- Red back
- sizes up quite fast
no roots, most of leaves die
each one came with at least 3-4 leaves, but only 1 will survive after a few days. not rooted, need to root and req
Came half rotten and died
Came with yellow leaves and rotted unfortunatelly soon after it was recieved.
Came with alot of yellowing and broken leaves
Came with alot of yellowing and broken leaves.. very unhappy with the Singapore shipment on 3rd of June 2021
Good experience
I didn't receive a big chunk but I am ok with it as the plant was medium sized with 4 leaves. Roots were ok, one leaf had yellowed and died regardless of express shipping, again not unexpected. The good thing is that the plant has acclimated well after the initial stress. I can see the specimen rooting already and the leaves look exactly as they arrived. I am happy with this purchase!
so worth the buy
Beautiful but risky is right - the price is perfect, the plant will likely lose all it's leaves to stress, but with a little patience and the new growth point, the plant should provide a beautiful new choco leaves that you're looking for. Highly recommend.
I received two plants, in different sizes- one nice and large, second slightly smaller. In very good conditions, with nice roots and leaves. They acclimatized well and fast, i have them for 3 months now, they grew few leaves already. I'm happy with my purchase.
Beautiful but very risky
Your chances of getting a successful plant are 2/5? I’ve ordered this and it had some green areas but mainly yellow. It came with 5 leaves all but one has partial yellow and green leaves. It had root rot. I also upgraded to 2 day shipping yet it didn’t make it.. It was devastating not to mention how expensive the plant and upgraded shipping was. You will obviously need to rehab it and regrow the plant from a chonk which is very upsetting but if you’re patient enough and have a green thumb, you can revive this. This is definitely not a beginner plant.
Best plant I have ever received!
While my El Choco did come with some damage to the leaves, the root system of this plant was absolutely amazing. For me, this plant is a really fast grower, pushing out new leaves at least every month. The previously damaged leaves have now been replaced by new and huge leaves! This is such an amazing plant, I can only highly recommend getting this one
100% worth it!!!
Location: Singapore

Received an extra large specimen with two massive leaves and a few small leaves that has since yellowed in transit, to be expected. The plant came with good roots in cocopeat and perlite, and one week into acclimatization it started putting out a new leaf! Very impressed by the health and quality from Ecuagenera as usual.
100% worth it!!!
Location: Singapore

Received an extra large specimen with two massive leaves and a few small leaves that has since yellowed in transit, to be expected. The plant came with good roots in cocopeat and perlite, and one week into acclimatization it started putting out a new leaf! Very impressed by the health and quality from Ecuagenera as usual.
Leaves died
This plant arrived with 4 leaves which all yellowed and wilted within 3 days. I was left with a chonk that has little roots. It’s currently in chunky soil and just waiting for it to do something. I hope it survives. I’ve ordered other plants that arrived in better condition before.
Pretty if it recovers
I ordered and arrives within a good timeframe. The tracking did not come in from Ecu at all, but rather the mail carrier which sends me packages coming. hence, I was not notified until delivering day. The plant root system and size was very small seedling compared to the other plant received. I hope it recovers. It had rot and leaves were lost in a week of arrival. the other has dropped leaves, but seems to be ok.
Good size
I got 2 of these and they came in pretty good condition. They have huge leaves and new growth. They are dropping some leaves which is to be expected.
2 large beautiful leaves
Well rooted plant with a really thick stem. Arrived with 2 huge leaves with come yellowing along the edges but that is to be expected with this plant looking at everyone else's reviews.
Exceeded expectations
Received a 3 leaf verrucosum 5. Quite healthy, but as I was just totally overjoyed by the size and healthiness...i saw this morning one of the leaves turning yellow. Hope its not a sign of anything worrisome, just transport stress.
Would recommend purchasing this though. Sent what was stated in their description.
Large beautiful plant, thanks Ecuagenera!
Received great plant with 4 leafs (2 of them is mature plant size), required some additional watering, but all of them still in the plant and looks great. Many thanks!
No roots but sizable plant
This was the aroid that was in the worst condition out of the rest. It had no roots but was relatively large. All of the other plants have recovered including the rootless orchids, but this one refuses to throw out roots. Make sure you prepare yourself for this possibility before ordering.
Great condition - to EU
Very happy about the leaves condition, roots are very healthy too.
Happy with purchase
Shipped to Singapore.

Roots came nice and healthy. No major leave loss but new leaf appears abit stunted as this isn't something that ships well. Happy with purchase and waiting for it to acclimatize fully
Bought 5 of these. They are all different sizes. 2 are quite small. 1 of them has a nice chonk. They all have decent roots. The leaves are a bit sad at the moment but other than that they are all doing well. They have gorgeous red leaves. Happy with my purchase
Very large mature plant, did not fair well being shipped.
Plant is a very good size. Roughly 15 inch leaf. The other leaves were shriveled and discolored upon arrival. 1 of 3 leaves survived, plant is otherwise well rooted and healthy in appearance.
Very good
Some shipping damage, but a nice healthy plant.
I have ordered two plants, all arrived in good condition.
My last experience with Ecuagenera was ruined by poor packaging (they sent beautiful plants but many of them came damaged, however customer service was EXCELLENT). This time it was completely different. Very large, gorgeous specimens. Thank you!
Beautiful plant
I ordered 3 of them and came really in poor condition. All roots were rotten and one plant was yellow and brown. But I didn’t know that could claim about the plant’s a condition that time.
I think this plants is really weak from long travel.
One month later one plant has died, two of them still struggling and I am following ecuagenra’s plant guide.
I love ecuagenra and I left positive review but bad thins is bad. I am fair person.
Super Nice
Superbig plant with nice leaves..it took some damage in the road but it's amazing
Very good
Size plant is great ! plant is very healthy but very wet, leaves had signs of overwatering. Luckily, plant doing well now
Plant arrived in good condition losing only one leaf from travel. Plant was much much bigger than I expected too. She is thriving in her new home already putting out two new leaves.
the red backs on these are amazing. I was very worried about this one, but it shipped nicely. It came with 3 massive fully developed leaves, and one bigger leaf that is currently unfurling just fine. it has lost 2 leaves since it's been acclimating, but this is completely normal. I would buy this again.
Does not travell so well, came with 5 leaves, 2 yellow and fell off, the other with yellow spots. Overally looks sad but there is a new growth that looks healthy. SO I hope! Roots look OK
Very nice El Choco
I've ordered this plant twice and it has been gorgeous both times. Large leaves, from 3 to 5 leaves per plant. Both had new growth.
Both times this plant shipped, it came with rotten roots.
You will need to cut the rot off and root in water until you see new growth before potting. This one requires a little patience.
amazing plant
I received a nice big plant with 5 leaves. 3 oldest leaves was yellow, and some 1/4 of the roots died from shipping stress, which is very understandable. The roots is bouncing back very strong very quickly. I'm happy with the purchase
product was stunning!
Received this specimen with 5 stunning leaves but the roots were rotted, no roots left, just keeping my fingers crossed that this won't die on me.
Week Roots
Ordered this plant before and had a good experience.
This time the roots were very weak and the plants struggled - slowly lost all it it's leaves over course of a week despite placing in greenhouse. Not left trying to root stem chonks.
Very nice plant
Everything went smoothly. The plant is growing nice and strong!
Excellent Choco
This is my second order from Ecuagenera and I couldn't be more pleased. My el choco red arrived with two very large leaves and one smaller leaf that yellowed during shipping. I received a gorgeous plant and one of the largest el choco's I have seen in person. Thank you!
Choco at it's best
Obtained a very big and Healthy plant with 2 mature hand sized leaves and 3 smaller leaves. It acclimated fast and well and is pushing out straight a new leave at 50% humidity east window in german winter.

Shipping was very well, roots were fresh, sadly no heat pack, but ups Express does the job
Spectacular plant, but had root rot
The plant I got is really beautiful and large. It really looks awesome. However, they packed mine with a heat pack and it gave the plant root rot, so I had to remove all the roots. I have been rehabbing and I can see new roots forming, so I am very excited about the future of the plant!! It's a beautiful plant, but it arrived in poor condition.
Good leaves and roots!
I order five of them. They arrived in good condition. However, looking at the pictures I was assuming that the leaves would be bigger. Only 1 El Choco got a leave larger than 20cm, other were smaller. Also I only received plants with a max of 2 good leaves, needed to cut of a lot of leaves sadly.
Tiny Plant with a Poor Root System
I'm normally very happy with my orders and the size of plant or roots but this plant died within a week, with one leaf but no root system.
Leaves are good, roots are not
Arrived with 4 leaves. They have some cosmetic damages but otherwise the plant looks healthy. The roots however didn't look so great. Most were brown and only a few roots were healthy. Make sure you know how to root stumps. These don't do well in shipping and I paid for express.
Beautiful but a little worrying
This el choco red arrived with four large leaves and one smaller leaf, a huge stump, but not as many roots as I would have liked. It does have some good roots, but I'm worried that it will take some time to establish more and acclimate properly. There was no damage to the leaves when it arrived, and as it is 3 days later, the smallest leaf is now starting to yellow (possible delayed reaction to the stress of shipping, cold damage, or stress of acclimating). For reference, I am in California and upgraded to USPS Express shipping which I highly recommend. Overall, very very pleased with the order. Now it's up to me to make sure it thrives. :)
Amazing buy!!!!
The plant was truly shocking, it had three BIG beautiful leaves with one on the way. The packed was great. I was truly amazed when I unwrapped the packaging but a great great buy. We will be doing business again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Came in good shape even though one of the leaves, the biggest one, was a bit damaged. Overall, happy with it.
50% Success
Pot 1: arrived in perfect condition with healthy roots and huge leaves (100 marks for this).

Pot 2: unfortunately 1 adult stem + baby shoot arrived broken; roots are healthy so it’s in acceptable condition though not ideal.

Pot 3: arrived with root rot and 3 broken stems. Media was extremely wet and emitted a foul smell upon unpacking.

Based on my current experience, V5 does not travel well so do expect some foreseeable risk (losing a few stems due to rot).

Simply, 5* was awarded due to the great customer experience (replacement plant for Pot 3) arranged through Sales Consultant Mr C.O.

Fingers crossed that the replacement plant will ship well.
50% Success
Pot 1: arrived in perfect condition with healthy roots and huge leaves (100 marks for this).

Pot 2: unfortunately 1 adult stem + baby shoot arrived broken; roots are healthy so it’s in acceptable condition though not ideal.

Pot 3: arrived with root rot and 3 broken stems. Media was extremely wet and emitted a foul smell upon unpacking.

Based on my current experience, V5 does not travel well so do expect some foreseeable risk (losing a few stems due to rot).

Simply, 5* was awarded due to the great customer experience (replacement plant for Pot 3) arranged through Sales Consultant Mr C.O.

Fingers crossed that the replacement plant will ship well.
5 out of 5
My plant came perfectly wrapped in spagnum moss and the leaves were packaged perfectly. I received 3 leaves and on one the way. Size reference one as big as my face the other two size of a softball. Pictures on my Instagram @Plant.Mani
dead in the end, no heat pack
This one was a heart breaker! Living in a Nordic country I was hesitant on ordering plants in winter, however I decided to order and asked a seller to include a heat pack. El choco arrived in December without a heat pack, and in addition to that it stayed over the weekend in the delivery company warehouse. The plant size was amazing, two huge leaves and one coming, it had lots of roots, the soil was wet and a plant had a frostbite on the leaves. Roots got also damaged from wet soil and cold combination. I put it into intensive care, but it started to rot in within a week and dropped leaves. I tried to bring the stump back to live, but it rotted all the way through. So, eventually, I have no plant and a very heart breaking story. if I order in the future, I will order only during warm months.
I got sent this plant withou any heatpack even though the seller told me it would be sent with one. It looked a bit crashed in the beginning and the roots werent as good as they should and rotting a bit because it came in wet soil. I just put it in pure water and cut off the damaged roots. The plant lost all its leafes within a week and died.
I ordered a Crystallinum too wich is surviving perfect. El Choco most likely died because it was watered too much before sending and was still wet when it arrived.

Plant arrived extremely well despite having a newly emerging leaf with leaves around 25cm in length. Decent root ball. Pleasantly surprised considering that el choco is a plant that doesnt travel well.

Disclaimer: your own shipping experience with this plant may be extremely different. However the one i received was excellent.
Sad condition
The product was packaged without heet pack so when it cake the plant was damadged and soon after receiving it - it started to rot...
I hope that I can rehab it but it is very unfortunate...
It’s fine
I received this plant small compared to other that I’ve seen when they do unboxing on YouTube.
Amazing plant!
Amazing plant, It arrived in perfect condition with two large, beautiful leaves, healthy root system and already new leaf coming. Super happy :)
I´ve ordered this plant in December and i live in Germany. I was really worried it would show up in bad shape because of the temperature and long shipping.
It arrived in perfect condition, a really good root system and already a new leaf coming. It was bigger than the plant shown in the picture.
Very pleased with my order :)
Healthy plant!
Got a good size plant. Excellent as always. Survived the cold shipping! Super happy and such a beautiful plant.
excellent specimen, sturdy plant
Plant was in the mail eight days+ and arrived in excellent condition. Packaged well, the large leaves lasted despite our forgetting to opt for priority shipping.
Beautiful healthy philodendron! Good sized plant!
Plant arrived in perfect condition. Potted into aroid soil mix. Plant is healthy and pushing out a new leaf!
Arrived in a good shape (to EU)
only have the furling leaf fell off, all in all, i am very happy about the condition how the plant arrived
So happy with the plant
Plant arrived today and it came with absolutely no damage. Well packed and secured and it looks like it was packed yesterday.
This is the second time I order this plant and both time plants arrived in superb condition.
I am so happy.

This one arrived with 1 quite large leaf beautiful leaf, and one on the way.

I am so happy
The shipping for this plant was delayed due to COVID, but my choco arrived surprisingly well. It had very big leaves and stump. The roots were a little dry, but she recovered and has been growing beautifully ever since.
Superb condition
I am over the moon happy with this Philodendron.
It arrived in such amazing condition.
3 gorgeous leafs.
One of the leafs unfolded during transport, and even with it being such a delicate leaf, it did not suffer any damage.
Plants where so well secured.
Beautiful leaves
This plant arrived in excellent condition. Such a beauty! Thank you
Good plant
This plant was one of those, which I picked up at a show last year. It goes strong and is a very beautiful plant.
Hit or miss. If you like gambling, place an order.
Ordered several and only one came as pictured. The others were smaller and lost their leaves from shipping. I've ordered over 20+ aroids and honestly it is hit or miss. I would say 1/4 arrives in acceptable condition meaning the stem is easily salvageable. Maybe it's packaging or the time traveling, but I always lose most of the leaves. Plants arrive in sphagnum moss wrapped in plastic. If you order from the USA, be aware you will probably not get what you see. That's why the prices reflect it. If you order, pay extra for express mail or you will lose plants due to delays. These are prices for rehabs. I have unpacking videos on youtube @ Austin Green Earth.
Healthy Plant - France
First you should know that Verrucosum travels very, very badly. I received my package fairly quickly 2 days after sending. The plant arrived in perfect condition. She has a very good root system. I haven't lost any leaves and those even after repotting. I advise you not to touch the root when repotting. It took a little longer than that cousin but a growth is underway. I recommend this product