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Philodendron rugosum

Philodendron rugosum

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Number of ratings: 13
Average rating: 4.6
not too bad
Not a bad specimen, except it was a little small. And I paid USD 40 for it! Rugosum has acclimatised well and soon it shot out two leaves within a month.
Great plant!
It arrived during the heatwave last summer but it did not blink for it. The Plant was strong, no damage and is doing nicely! Thank you Ecuagenera! <3
Young plant, no cold protection
Small and pretty plant that traveled without heat pack and showing just minor cold damage after spending few hours in destination country before delivery (temperature was around 0-2°C on that day).
Love this rugose leaf philodendron!
Beautiful example of this pig skin philodendron! Plant arrived healthy (big plant). Acclimated well after the potting up in aroid mix soil. A new leaf is strong and still opening.
very good
Amongst my shipment of 7 plants, this was one of my favourites...the pig skin surface is beautiful and the green leaves are fringed with a beautiful white border. It's only been acclimatising a week, but already giving out a new leaf....would buy again!
Perfect Condition
Big size, healthy Plant, arrived perfectly and is in good shape.
Location: CA

Ordered 3 specimens. Roots were great on two of the plants and one didnt have the biggest root system, however given the thickness of the stem I anticipate it will acclimate quickly. Would order again!
Location: Singapore

Plant arrived well. Small specimen. Root ball was a bit small but not a problem.

For buyers in non-tropical climate, root rot might be a big issue to consider since root ball is small.

However, please also bear in mind that the price for the specimen is not high.
Perfect plant, perfect seller. I highly highly recommend.
Very healthy, steady, strong, beautiful plant. Arrived in perfect condition. I do recommend without doubts.
A very beautiful plant
A very strong, healthy, hardy and beautiful plant with big leafs and a good grower as well!
I can truly recommend and would buy that one again.
First time to see this species of Philodendron in person, really beautiful plants. Both plants bigger than expected, very well packed. Fantastic service from Ecuagenera.
Plant arrived in perfect shape, I'ms so glad I finally found one :)
Beautiful plant. Hard specimen to find!!!!! A+++++++