Customer ratings for Philodendron plowmanii ‘Citrus’

Philodendron plowmanii ‘Citrus’

Philodendron plowmanii ‘Citrus’

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Number of ratings: 13
Average rating: 4.5
Super big, super happy
Roots are great, plant is great, loss one leave, as expected. Overall very happy with purchase especially for the price, very shock this ppant isnt as popular, to each their own. I Love it.
I had had two bad experiences with ordering and acclimating this plant prior, but I decided to try one more time and was NOT disappointed. I purchased two of these during the August summer sale, and both are doing just beautifully. They are both absolutely MASSIVE and such a lovely color. Neither came with many leaves (one 3 and one 2) and both lost all but one leaf, though the remaining leaves are not even the slightest bit damaged or yellowed. I did have to chop most of the original roots, however They both rerooted super quickly in moss and are pretty much fully established at this point. One appears to be ready to put out a new leaf soon as well. Worth the wait!!!!!!
Great and healthy plant
I ordered this plant at the live sale of Ecuagenera in April 2022. The plant came with 3 big leaves. One of which was dead in the packaging but now one big leaf has came out and a second one will be soon.
Don't hesitate to buy this philo. It's a very beautiful plant.
Great plant, as described
2 leaves, one came slightly yellowing. Looking forward to growing this plant
Great plant and big leaves
When I got the plant in the two leaves it came with were a bit yellowing but they survived, good roots and the plant has got a new leaf after 1 month of receiving the plant. Amazing plant overall it is so pretty with it big leaves! Thanks Ecuagenera :)
plant that I received looks exactly as pictured
Arrived perfect, 2 leaves one on the way, good root system, but roots are very frail and they didnt like being shipped, lost one leaf, one still ok, I have it in leca,I hope for the best!
Not a great traveler
Citrus did not travel the greatest and did lose a couple leaves but that is to be expected with traveling such a great distance. I am confident it will bounce back and be a beautiful plant. It did come with very established and healthy roots. Happy with my purchase! Thanks Ecuagenera!
Beautiful plant, shipped OK
Plant arrived with three large leaves. Two of the three were very yellow and had to be clipped off. Essentially all roots had to be clipped as well. But the one leaf that survived is beautiful and roots are already starting to regrow. I would purchase this plant again.
AMAZING specimen, shipped perfect
My favorite out of my 20 plant order. Highly recommend, shipped perfect, good roots, the new leaf is even opening and it didn't miss a beat. Great color and distinction from my other plowmanii. LOVE IT
Nice specimen however bad roots while arriving
Plant arrive in good foliage condition however 70% of the rootball is rotten. Have to spend some time and cut all the rotten roots and remove foliages for it to acclimatise well. Nevertheless it is a nice green stunning foliage and I look forward for it to recover.
Not the same hue of citrus as advertised
Arrived okay with rotted roots (but as expected with imports). Plant came with 2 leaves, but does not look anything like the pictures. Looks oike a regular round plowmanii, and missing the so called citrus hue. They need to start showing variety of photos of the plants, not only the best ones, to lower expectations.
Great plant!
Delivered plant is in great condition - healthy roots, 3 nice leaves. Young leaf is very light - looks stunning. Highly recommend this plant!
Wonderful new speciment
This plant is awesome. I already have the normal Plowmanii and this one is a good additional to my aroid collection. It came with two leaves and an unfurled leaf, luckily not damaged. Leaves look like the promotion picture, root system is great. I am very happy to own this plant. Nothing to complain. Also be aware that this one can be big, as it is a crawler. People with small places should consider that. Absolutely fabulous. Please more of these new specimens.